Covid, and way ahead

Witnessing the global chaos and panic created by COVID-19, India has so far managed to insulate itself from this deadly pathogen. The devastation it is capable of unleashing has been witnessed by several countries of the world as Iran, Italy, France etc apart from China which has been the epicenter of the virus. The decision of the Indian government to immediately cut off itself from the rest of the world at the earliest initial signs of the virus is praiseworthy. The quarantine mode India has put itself into shielded us from the level of exposure that has been witnessed in other parts of the world. The bold and quick decisions taken by the Government of India (GoI) are being lauded globally especially by the WHO which has advised the world leaders to “act quickly rather than perfectly” to tackle the effects of this deadly virus.
These bold decisions taken by GoI, nevertheless, have an economic impact too but looking at the havoc this deadly virus can unleash these risks were worth taking. It is now the responsibility of each and every citizen to take the necessary precautions and advise others to do the same in containing this pandemic. We need to assist the authorities to handle this situation from deteriorating further. It is the need of the hour that the states work in close coordination with the center and leave personal differences aside as the human lives are at stake.
Sooner or later we are going to get out of this deadly situation that we as humans have put themselves into. And, it is safe to assume that world won’t be the same place it was before the advent of this deadly virus. The way we used to approach life is going to change permanently. Human behavior is going to adapt itself and be more guarded against such diastases in the future. Back to the basics is going to be the mantra to prepare ourselves for such future catastrophes.
Rohit Hangloo
COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The disease has sent a scare and economies have tumbled across the globe. The synergic efforts are needed on global level to contain the fatal virus and bring the populace out of fear psychosis. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in an effort to assure the public of government support and seek their cooperation.
India has taken measures at central and state level to contain the spread of the virus. Every individual needs to contribute to defeat this biological menace. The academic activities including conduct of examinations have almost been suspended across the country. The J&K UT government has also taken certain measures at state, divisional and district level in this regard. The main focus is to minimise the movement and gathering of people to contain the spread of the disease. Every effort is needed at government and society level to achieve desired results.
S Mohan