COVID-19 Pandemic swelling

The quick rise of COVID-19 in recent days across the country demands introspection from the people living here. We have been fighting against this dreadful Covid-19 intensely from one year past and had succeeded largely in controlling the Pandemic. With the strenous and committed efforts by the Govt of India and cooperation from the people the fatalities graph had come down during the months of Jan. Feb and till a mid March 2021. People by and large assumed that Covid-19 will not now raise the head again when vaccine was created and immediately started its inocculations. In the meantime people got some latitude also from the Govt in day-to-day business.
This made people negligent and indisciplined. The people by and large began to participate in meetings and conferences. In addition to this wearing of mask, keeping of distance and maintaining of health precautions have not been followed as it stood in the past. The present rising graph of fatalities is not a good sign. We have to follow the strict guidelines from the Govt of India so that savage of Covid-19 vanishes once for all. Earlier, the vaccination was confined to people above 60 years and now 45 plus stand eligible. Now large number of Govt and private hospitals stand facilitated. Govt of India has decided to keep all Covid-19 vaccination centres operational throughout April including on gazetted holidays
S N Raina