Corruption in J&K UT

This refers the news item, “Govt has brought transparency in system, put corruption to end”, carried by DE Dated 26 March. There is no doubt that since August 2019, the jungle law has been replaced by the rule of law in the present Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory. Governance now is people friendly, transparent and accountable. People in general living in this territory have heaved a sigh of relief whereas the people of Jammu region gloriously celebrated 5th August 2019 as Liberation Day. The development activities all around are in full swing without much of conventional pilfering of huge funds etc. but the expression “Put corruption to an end” is decades and generations away from the fact. The Govt agencies engaged in finding out the cases involving corruption and other crimes like money laundering, terror financing, anti-national activities and the abuse of administrative and political powers, report very serious cases, almost every day since September 2019. The photograph of Chairperson MC Qazigund appearing on Page-4 of DE dated 27th March shows that the ladies too here indulged in the conventional and customary unlawful gratification practices in exchange of doing some lawful duty if there is a chance. To eradicate corruption from J&K Union Territory, especially from Kashmir Valley is like Dal cleaning of the weeds but there can be no denial to the fact that the corruption has decreased. It is important to note that in most of the other states corruption starts from below but here it came down from the top. It is well written by a film dialogue writer “Paisa lete pakre jao to paise de ke choot jao”.
S K Rekhi
Gandhi Nagar, Jammu