COVID-19 How Ayurveda can help

Dr. Naresh Kumar Arora,
Dr Anil Kumar Mahajan
Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) is a virus of large family of single-stranded RNA viruses. As per health advisories this new virus is very contagious which quickly spreads globally, causing thousands of deaths, infecting a considerable number every day. Authorities world over have declared it as Pandemic and taking action and issuing advisories to contain its spread and scientists world over are busy to find out its vaccine. Every body is waiting eagerly for its remedy at the earliest.
If we go through the crux of the problem, this is the tilt of the nature to make the balance of the universe. When the minds and hence the practices of the inhabitants of this planet go on disturbing the natural rythms of the earth, air, water and atmosphere and the threshold is crossed, the nature plays her role to restore balance by causing “Janapadodhvansa” i.e. Mass-destruction to compel us to observe natural laws in the form of do’s and don’ts if we are to survive on this planet. Each religion, culture, society and country in this world is well aware of this fact and Indian traditions and spiritual philosophy are rich enough to be practised to make unison of body with nature. In Ayurvedic system of medicine, we believe the dictum ” Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam, Aturasya Vikara Prashamanam” i..e. to maintain the health status of the healthy and to cure the diseased.
This is “Vasanta Ritu” i.e. Spring Season which is from 19th February to 19th April this year. Flu like diseases are part of this season as there is “Kapha Vriddi” i.e. increased mucus in the body and in the universe also (Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande) and if this increased mucus is vitiated, the atmosphere in the body becomes suitable for micro-organisms to enter in the body, they adhere to host cells, invade the cells and colonize in the host tissues, and inflict damage there. If we are observing the “Vasanta Ritu Charya” i.e. the do’s and don’ts of Spring season and maintaining the body immunity by proper nourishment and purification, we need not to worry because no matter how virulent any bacteria or virus may be, can not cause any harm to our body as the defence forces of powerful body very easily combat their challenge. Immuno-competence is ultimate condition of human body which protects us from infectious diseases.
According to the Ayurvedic concept every organism in this universe may it be virus, bacteria, fungi, helminths and others can survive at its native places only where they get their food and space to develop. Human body is not a place where these types of organisms can survive unless we by our unlawful health practices make suitable space for them to invade, colonize and cause damage to our body. We should not make our body suitable and friendly for micro-organisms for their stay and growth by observing the time tested practices and precautions. Our immune system should be strong enough to nip this evil in the bud.
At this point of time when the infection of Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) is a great threat to the mankind, it is of value to take care of the following practices to prevent “Kapha Dusti” i.e. vitiation of mucus, formation of “Ama” i.e. undigested & vitiated sticky foods in body and to boost our mental and physical strength against such micro-organisms :
Strictly follow the directions and advisories issued by authorities from time to time and help govt. employees engaged in working for us in this crucial time and remain vigilant, don’t panic. Social distancing is ultimate to avoid communication and spread of infection.
Observe traditional natural laws being practised since centuries as these are time tested to keep the mankind healthy and disease free.
Maintain proper cleanliness – personal (mental & physical) and around.
Observe proper day and night healthy routines.
Proper sleep (Early to bed & early to rise).
Daily body massage and oilation of body orifices especially of nose (Nasya).
Chewing of (Datun) i.e. sticks of medicinal plants for exercising and cleansing of teeth, mouth and naso-pharynx and then after brushing the teeth can be done twice morning and at bed time.
Proper physical output in the form of three walks – morning, evening and after dinner.
“Dhyana” i.e. Meditation, “Pranayam” i.e. Extention of life force and “Yoga” i.e. Spiritual discipline for harmony of mind and body to unite with universe in the form of different positions are of value for mental and physical health.
Take only well cooked homely, seasonal foods and avoid sticky, greasy, fried, heavy and stale foods.
Non-Vegetarian diet badly impact on physique & psyche & make body suitable for micro-organisms to develop in the body.
Take foods well in time (dinner ideally by the Sun set} and consume them after chewing and making into paste.
Over-eating and repeated heavy foods which you can not digest shall vitiate your kapha and there shall be production of ama.
Seasonal fruits and vegetables are good enough to meet our daily nutritional requirements. Citrus fruits and lemon in warm water is of great value to cleanse the body especially liver and provide a good quantity of natural Vitamin C.
Cow’s milk boiled with Elaichi added with ½ tea spoon of Turmeric may be taken twice daily. 5 – 7 soaked Almonds may be chewed and taken with milk.
Sips of warm water after every ½ hour during the day with lemon shall keep your mouth and digestive cleansing. Gargles (Kulla) after meals keep mouth clean.
Proper and clean dress to avoid exposure to cold and infection.
Proper use of spices in foods shall help in good digestion and avoids vitiation of mucus.
Fresh and coarsely grounded are rich in volatile oils which are excellent to digest that food in which they are added and make body atmosphere unsuitable for micro-organisms adhere to host cells, invade the cells and colonize in the tissues of body.
Keep Elaichi, Kalimirch, Dalchini, Laung or Mulethi in mouth at different intervals especially if you are in public. These are medicines with high volatile oils which shall not allow any organism to invade or develop in mouth, naso-pharynx, lungs and stomach.
“Dhoopan” i.e. fumigation with “Guggulu” Commiphora, “Hawan Samagri” Camphor or “Mushak Kapoor” may be used to keep atmosphere clean around.
Enchantment of prayers (Mantra), recitation of spiritual verses as per different religious faiths shall boost us mentally.
As far as possible, avoid entry of any infectant in your mouth or nose by observing all the possible precautions.
If the infectants enter, it will not find any suitable atmosphere in the body to invade and colonize in the cells and tissues if there is no vitiation of Mucus “Kapha dusti” or undigested & vitiated sticky foods “Ama” in the body.
Boosted body immune response shall not allow any micro-organism to develop or do any wrong to your clean and powerful body.
Think again and again about do’s and don’ts regarding your “Ahara” diet, “Nidra” sleep and “Brahmacharya” moral life as per your age, season, digestive capacity and your proneness to disease and amend them.
This way we may protect our body from the present deadly viral infection of Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) and such other alike threats. If, this time our body naturally fights this disease, our system shall retain immunological memory of this threat for future also, just same to the effect of vaccine in our body.
(The authors are PhD (Ayurdeva) and Physician Specialist Himalayan Ayurvedics)