COVID -19-A grim reminder to humanity

Tahir Khurshid Raina
World community is unprecedently aghast at highly aggravated disease COVID 19 a pandemic and feels helpless before an invisible virus Corona which firstly got identified in Wuhan China in Dec. 19 . Since then till date it has spread across globe in 190 countries including India with death toll risen to 19000 . However , unfortunate is that the death toll is on the rise and all possible efforts to reverse the cycle are not matching with the gravity of the problem . May God bless all those who are at the moment engaged in this well acknowledged yeoman’s service to the humanity.
We though have claimed to put mark on planet MARS by discovering the scope of life thereon and boast it as the hallmark of human brain , but nature has reminded us by the lethal effect of an invisible virus of our very limited capacity and comprehesion. That doesn’t mean that we stop thought processing , adventuring and research, but this all should continue with the spirit of discovering God’s hugely vast and unlimited universe and resources, to be utilised for humanity at large than of its destruction.
Fact remains that the Covid 19 has engulfed the humanity globally and severely and till now there is no confirmed vaccine developed to cure it effectively . The only best solution being prescribed is self quarantine , social distancing and to practice best hygienic methods to break the chain of infection.
But this apparently melancholic situation can be looked at from a different perspective as well , can prove a blessing in disguise . After a long time , the history is witnessing a giant stop in the diverse human activity. The human life has become static on account of complete and compelled lockdown of the world. However, it has given a chance to people of self introspection and self analysis.
Fact is that in the hustle – bustle of the worldly affairs, we forgot ourselves and our roles as human beings . The wiseacres generally recommend that self analysis is a solution to many conflicts. The most easiest thing in the world is criticising others which generally breeds conflict. But the habit of self analysis in any venture we make , enables us to analyse our own role in the first instance than to point fingers on others. It can lead us to behave responsibly. Anyway what I mean to state that this period which we have got in the form of a compelled isolation must be utilised for self analysis and self introspection. It is always profitable with least chances of failure.
Conflict in the society is as old as humanity itself. That’s why every religion is testimony to this fact that God has sent His chosen messengers to remind humanity to behave in the fashion which its creator wanted it to reflect . A code of conduct has always been prescribed by these prophets and priests so that humanity must survive with all decency. At the same time we have read in our religious books that how God took people to task , whenever they went astray.
The Holy book Quran is replete with such references which deals with those very generations in history who flagrantly exceeded the prescribed mandates in their conduct and character and how finally they met His wrath. Ofcourse , there is a purpose of revealing these all historical incidents in the holy Quran or in other holy books and scriptures of other religions , to remind the humanity to see the fate of those who forgot His prescribed code of conduct , and behaved ruthlessly and irresponsibly . For a pointed reference I feel apt to quote here few aayats of the Holy Quran for our guidance at this critical juncture:
When an affliction befalls men, they cry out to their lord, turning to Him in repentance; but then , when He has made them taste His mercy, a section of them associate partners with their lord, and ungrateful for what we have given them…..Corruption has appeared on land and sea because of the evil which men’s hands have done : and so He will make them taste the fruit of some of their doings, so that they may turn back from evil. Say , ‘ journey through the land,and see how those before you met their end … ( Al-Rum – 33- 41)
This mandate of the Holy Quran is a strong lesson for us to understand in context of the pandemic around. On this premise only we have to review and revisit our conduct during this compelled stay at home.
Though apparently the epidemic has virtually stolen the peace of the humanity but in the midst of it , there I find an advantage which I described as blessing in disguise , means a time to sit and have a mental survey to know where we have individually and collectively gone wrong which has invited displeasure of God to make us helpless before an invisible virus – Corona.
Let this self introspection start with these very questions to ourselves – who is the problem creator in the world ? Who has threatened the existence of a human being ? Who has jeopardized the existence of other creatures of the world? Whether these other creatures have threatened the human existence or its other way round ? And last but not the least – What is our role as a human being and why we as the human beings called the esteemed creations of the world? *(Ashraf-ul-makhlokat) or by a scientific name Homosapien a Latin word which means – wise man.
In pursuit of knowing the answers of these questions, I was struck with these lines of the essay- The ailing planet , written by Nani palkiwala , the best legal brain of his times . Here I quote the lines verbatim:
In the zoo at Lusaka, Zambia , where the notice reads ” The most dangerous animal”. Inside the cage there is no animal but a mirror where you see yourself. ”
It’s a key to find answers to the questions I put to myself first and than to my fellow species – Homosapien.
Apart, when people globally are perturbed and struggling for survival and sustenance because of the very fearful situation being showcased on the global media , let’s not lose confidence and faith in God. He is most benevolent, most merciful. He is ever ready to forgive man , provided he seeks His mercy the way he expects. A total remorse and surrender before Him with a strong vow not to repeat the follies in future.
At the same time , every one has a role to play at this most horrific time of world history. The criteria of service is not to make only a big monetary donation , but any possible help that one can render as per his or her capacity . Even a word of love , compassion and better counselling can prove boon. Let’s not pass the buck to govt agencies only but in this moment of tragedy we all play our respective role in avoiding any colossal human loss. Do it now as in words of Confucius ” benevolence is the characteristic of humanity”.
At last, a request to all readers . As there is no vaccine to cure and curb novel Corona virus , therefore , what has been advised by experts , based on health and hygiene protocol , must be observed without fail and shared with others too . Moreover, a complete self imposed quarantine and social distancing has been enjoined to be followed to break the chain of virus and its life cycle. This step is so indispensable that no less than the Prime minister of the country in his address to the nation has appealed to the countrymen to remain confined to their homes and not cross its laxhman rekha. But remember social distancing doesn’t mean to compromise human concern which can be ensured by other modes as well .
Let’s respond to the fervent appeal of the PM with all sincerity and postivity for collective good of all. God bless us all.