Count your blessings and cultivate gratitude

Deepika Jandial

How many times do we find peace and happiness in life?. When we are contended with what we have in life? Do we really cherish all our blessings whole heartedly?. Being rich and having all the material possessions are necessary to lead a comfortable life; but does it elude you being at peace and satisfaction with yourself. The riches and comforts are bestowed by Almighty, but let the things blindfold you from noticing them as blessings in your life. Usually, in life we either stop counting our blessings or completely neglect them because our eyes are blurred with only noticing our struggles, obstacles, full of complaints and dis-satisfaction. All our struggles, obstacles have led us to the transformation path, the journey of visualizing struggles and complaints as opportunities and possibilities from interpretation our negative experiences into positive ones.
Human beings are the busiest species on planet earth. We don’t have time for paying attention to little joys in our life, as we all are busy making money. Life is not about chasing the extraordinary moments to find happiness but to pay attention to what we have and to cultivate gratitude for that. I know its not easy to be thankful for whatever we have and say thank you all the time. It is choice which each and everyone should cultivate to see the life from broader perspective. Life has many ups and downs, but in any given situation if we analyze what we possess instead of what we have lost, we will realize that God loves us and His blessings are with us even in hard times. So having this faith in blessings of God is what attracts more blessings in life. Sufferings always recede from backdoor only when you count blessings and cultivate gratitude in them. Expressing gratitude leads us to meaningful life filled with our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Gratitude is a way of appreciating the simple, joyful and content life gifted to us.
Unfortunately, we live in society where all of us are conditioned to live in discontentment. This discontentment arises from within, we allow ourselves and are programmed to always strive to be better and different from who we are from others. We forget that God has created us differently and we all are unique. Our imperfections make us perfect. Despite this we feel unimportant , worthless and terribly do something so wrong with others, and hurt ourselves just for the sake of being accepted in every group of people, wherever we go and also for the gratification of ourselves. The more we perceive things with maturity and see them with eyes full of blessings the more of gratitude will take place.
Life is like a mirror. It shows us what we like to see; it reflects our being, so when we see goodness in ourselves, all we begin to see it in all around us. Calming our thoughts in this practical and materialistic and competitive society, where everyone is constantly struggling, not able to enjoy the little joys of life. Paying attention to all the beauty around us tend to happen only when our eyes are open with blessings of God and we are thankful to Him for beauty of sunrise, the wind blowing, of sunset, sparkling of stars, flutter of brids.
We have heard an attitude of gratitude is naturally attractive. The more you are thankful for something in life, the higher the vibrations around us get stronger, we create more positive energy that emanates out the beauty and goodness around. Thank you, is a very powerful word. Being thankful allows our hearts to enjoy and keeps the doors of joys open.
“What we get when we count our blessings and cultivate gratitude” is
* Good Health
* Strong Relations
* Thankful Life
* Less Judgmental
* Positivity
* New approach to see life (Better vision)
We expect a lot from people and then in return when they don’t live up to our expectations it hurts us. Despite this we are the reason behind their sadness or not but still they pained us so much that we cry, feel tormented for that they are not willing to be with us or share what they feel, they turn out to be strangers and later we develop hatred, anger and envy them. In short, I just want to say Love beyond expectations, remember its all in hearts memory. If you give pain to your soul, you won’t be happy. Think of being grateful to the people you have in your life, who love you selflessly and appreciate you. Don’t hurt or think of ones who left you, instead cherish them. Be thankful for everyone, because they were all your choices. So never question your choices and regret. Be grateful for all the joys and pleasures, for all the life’s positive which has made you stronger. Feel blessed to be more empathic towards your own feelings and others because we lose our gratitude when we remember the fearful, depressed, sad or anger.
Tips to cultivate gratitude:-
a) Maintain a Gratitude Journal: Write down all the things you are grateful for from little moments of joys, to big accomplishments
b) Say Thank You: It is the most beautiful combination of two words that brings smile on faces and experience the joy you feel within you, say it, to even to the person who lives within ‘YOU’
c) Appreciate everything you see, you have or is grateful for
d) Count blessings like Love of God: Keep a box and put every gift (experiences) in it that made you stronger and wiser. The more resentful or down in the dumps you choose to be / feel, the more sadness it will bring. When we find something to be grateful for in a situation that has been troubling us. It will energize and uplift us from within. The key to flush out all the illness whether bodily/diagnosed or not, continue to practice it with gratitude and blessings. Try to release positive endorphins like this is the only way to heal, and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, without any doubt.
e) Gratitude also means self-love, self-care: Spend time alone in the company of nature. The way you like to be treated. A solo ride, a movie date with yourself, pamper yourself with gifts of love, affection that you give to others. Give more to yourself too.
f) Gratitude isn’t always easy to invoke: Circumstances can be pleasant, sometimes unpleasant. It leads to two delightful results. Firstly, creating deep sense of joy and secondly, sense of personal experience. So gratitude is a lifestyle to maintain.
g) Gratitude has Healing Power: Gratitude enters into every part of my being, that transforms, strengthens and renews to make us WHOLE. While, contentment is the art of counting your blessings, not someone’s else; gratitude is often caused not by gain but by loss.
Has Carona- Covid-19 testified it?
(The writer is a management professional)