Corrupt officials

On the basis of reports about possessing assets disproportionate to known sources of income and amassing huge assets , movable and immovable by employing corrupt and illegal practices and brazenly misusing official position , Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Jammu has registered a case under relevant legal provisions against Parvinder Singh , Assistant Commissioner (Provident Fund , Jammu). The officer has invested the ill gotten money in buildings , cars and passenger buses, business firms etc in his name , his family members etc and indulged in benami transactions, not to speak of possessing huge bank balances . Several incriminating documents have been seized from his raided premises of houses etc .
It remains to be seen how fast action is taken against the corrupt officer but in the meantime, his services should be placed under suspension and investigations carried in a fast time bound manner. We have been reiterating that the menace of corruption has assumed proportions of loot by the ilk of Parvinder Singh in Jammu and Kashmir and the situation demands nothing less than an organised war waged against the menace . The idea of confiscating such properties which are raised by the looted money must be given a practical shapeand declared as public property to prove as a deterrent. The intelligence radar for such corrupt officers should be made more functional to keep a track of the shoddy deals and corrupt practices of corrupt officers to come handy in dealing with them sternly.