Let us know about Gool

In the present materialistic cover up of almost everything around us and a quest to have moments to seek calmness of our nerves and a small leave from usual daily chores , visiting Gool could be the best decision. The place is not far away but only 50 kilometers from Ramban in Jammu. The place is endowed with a notable history, is at once as if put in the lap of nature with fascinating scenery , filled with the bounties of spiritualistic pursuits as this place had traditionally been frequented by seekers of divine bliss and ecstasy and has some famous shrines and holy places, devasthans, bowliesetc at various spots.
Not only that, the place has its distinct place in the world of art and crafts as stone work and making attractive things has been going on here as a tradition passed on from one to the other generation for centuries together which can be seen to one’s bewilderment and even surprise once one paid a visit to Gool , especially the stone horses along with rider on each one of them carved out so magnificently and immaculately . The riders are displaying arms on person which is really impressive. More of research and exploring the place especially the symbols and signs and remnants of ancient art and surviving marks and tokens are needed which would endorse the view of the local people that the stone art and workmanship have roots dating back to the era of Pandvas or more than 5000 years. Such a proud heritage , alas, is not highlighted properly for which those of scholars having an insatiable literary and scientific thirst to search and know more and more,have done little in this area. It is still not too late lest whatever still is surviving there could not withstand the hard whacks of cruel time and human neglect. We would not confine our lines on Gool only to visiting a few scenic places and shrines but go behind to see how the area known for its historical importance, traditions , arts and crafts was made known widely and variedly . Historians, social scientists, research scholars , literary and religious scholars have enough in Gool to bestow a spark and a promise to their respective fields.
UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir, however, must look into the specialities in abundance in Gool that could make it as a prominent tourist place . For that connectivity, raising of infrastructure, local facilities of boarding and lodging on modern lines, development of roads, medical facilities, sight seeing arrangements , public utilities en-route etc are needed. We keep on repeatedly impressing on the fact that Jammu has tourist places in abundance, what is in shortage is the attention of the Government and perhaps we, the people too to a larger extent.Moments to feel proud of our history and heritage.


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