Coronavirus pandemic

Dr Amrish Sarup Kohli
The Corona virus threat is here and through these threat and through this testing times we are moving towards the direction of one world order, as there are no geographical boundaries and people living in any part of the world are equally susceptible. Through this world threat we ought to realize the vulnerability which the human race is going to face. Such pandemics are the real disasters with the potential of eliminating almost the entire human race. It is time to wake up and understand if we have to survive, if we have to live on this planet then we will have to unite and rise above selfishness and learn—-it is either all will live or none. We have got to learn deep compassion and love towards each other, or else the entire human race will lose its right to live, as such disasters have the potential to perish and let everything go down on this earth.
Criminal negligence of one can put entire humanity in threat. Refusing to follow the self- isolation protocol has resulted in passing on the virus to more and more people. With the increase in the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2, there is going to be the crowding of patients in the hospitals resulting in a huge spike in no time. With more and more hospital admissions and quarantine wards a war like triage criteria is going to be created. Such situations tend to occur when at the community level, we don’t take enough precautions.
Had all the students and travelers having travel history of Covid-19 affected countries reported their travel histories timely the situation would have not been such worse.
It becomes the moral and civic duty of family members, neighbors and people in general to bring such cases in the notice of administration for the timely and necessary measures in the interest of public health to be taken. While facing the pandemic, what happened does not matter, how we respond matters.
Today we are all confronted with the massive obstacle in the form of coronavirus—let us all cooperate to surmount this challenge and keep the journey going. Remember we are not helpless creatures, rather we all have the potential to save the thousands. We can fight and create a complete win-win situation by helping each other deal with the insecurity of this Pandemic. It is high time to come out of the illusions and not to take the current situation lightly. This virus is so intense that it can kill 60% of the human population, if not dealt with. It will be suicidal to avoid imposed quarantine, as avoiding imposed quarantine is like—-“avoiding life and inviting death.” Let us not be known as the killer rather, be called as the savior of humanity. Remember each and every one of us has the potential of breaking the chain of this deadly infection. If this virus has the potential of stopping the whole world—with factories shut, flights staying on ground, cars parked, buses and trains not running, educational institutions and organizations closed, people inside home and markets and the places around us becoming empty. We humans have rather greater potentials-our doctors, paramedical staff walking towards their respective hospitals to face this fire and save humanity from this deadly virus, our Governments governing the situations, men and women in uniform enforcing law and order and the whole administration on their toes tightly administrating their respective departments and providing essential services.
They are the warriors of this battle who are standing alone between life and death, we may not know them all but we owe them all. These people are performing their roles and responsibility with pride, courage and dignity. Let us play our roles– let the history remembers us as the people, who put them in isolations for the safety of the mankind, as the people who fought for their old and their weak, as the people who protected the vulnerable—-Let us do so by social distancing ourselves and by self-locking. Let us be brave and be hopeful, we can overcome the present crises. Understand the gravity of situation and not become source of spread.
Let us fight together and be a part of the solution. We have no choice, either do or die.
* We have to feed our minds with appropriate messages through authentic sources
* Impose self- restriction.
* Ensure proper hand washing.
* Spread awareness.
* Encourage others to do the same.
* Stay confined to stay healthy.
* Let us all genuinely deal with the insecurity of this pandemic.
Social Distancing
Corona virus spreads exponentially. A single infected person accelerates the disease by further infecting many. Protection through prevention is the only way to fight this virus otherwise it is expected to climb steeply. We all will have to cooperate to flatten this curve of corona virus and social distancing is the only way to achieve this target. If the communities will not practice social distancing, the number of people contracting this disease will increase, which can snowball rapidly adding to the burden of public health system.
With the spread of the disease, more and more people will be forced to visit hospitals for screening and testing. As the more get diagnosed, hospitals will face crowding. This may eventually lead to a severe shortage of testing and support resources globally. Slow down the spread of this deadly virus by ensuring proper preventive measures which can make a remarkable difference in handling this pandemic. By not abiding by the advisories issued by the Government for the safety of the masses we will be responsible for evoking a huge spike in no time. So please listen to the advisory issued by the concerned authorities and be a savior of humanity. We have to turn the tide against this outbreak with the next few weeks.

(The author is Assistant Prof. Department of Microbiology GMC Kathua)