Coriander, jeera up as demand picks up

NEW DELHI, Dec 23: Coriander and jeera prices rose by Rs 100 per quintal at the wholesale kirana market in the national capital today largely on the back of pick-up in demand from stockists and overseas enquiries amid restricted arrivals from growing regions.
Coriander prices rose by Rs 100 to settle at Rs 6,200- 13,200 per quintal.
Jeera common and jeera best quality also increased by Rs 100 each to conclude at Rs 21,200-21,300 and Rs 23,600-24,100 per quintal.
Traders said apart from buying support from retailers and stockists, rising export demand, mainly pushed up coriander and jeera prices.
Following are today’s quotations (in Rs):
Ajwain (per kg) 120-170, black pepper (per kg) 500-630, betel-nut (kg) 260-300, cardamom brown-Jhundiwali (kg) 550-570 and cardamom brown-Kanchicut (kg) 630-930, cardamom small (kg)- chitridar 950-1,050, cardamom (colour robin) 890-900, cardamom bold 910-930, cardamom extra (bold) 1,000-1,020, cloves 525-620, chirounji (kg) Rs 740-850, cinnamon (kg) Rs 160-165, coriander (qntl) Rs 6,200-13,200, dry mango (qntl) Rs 6,500-23,500, dry ginger (qntl) Rs 12,200-17,200, kalaunji (qntl) Rs 10,500-10,800, mace-Red (kg) Rs 800-1,070, mace- Yellow (kg) Rs 900-950, methi (qntl) Rs 7,000-18,500, makhana (kg) Rs 640-770, nutmeg (kg) Rs 450-470, poppy seed (China) Rs 560-590 kg, poppy seed (U.P) Rs 550-570 kg, poppy seed (MP- RAJ) Rs 560-570 kg, red chillies (qntl) Rs 6,500-14,000, saffron Irani Rs 100-110 (per gram), saffron Kashmiri Rs 120- 140 (per gram), saunf (qntl) Rs 8,500-15,000, turmeric (qntl) Rs 9,000-12,200, tamarind (qntl) Rs 7,000-9,000, tamarind without seed (qntl) Rs 14,000-16,500, tea (kg) Rs 100-290, watermelon kernel (kg)Rs 150-155, jeera common (qntl) Rs 21,200-21,300 and jeera best (qntl) Rs 23,600-24,100. (PTI)