Boosting Basohli tourism

Shiv Kumar Padha
The three regions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir  have been gifted  with snow clad mountains, waterfalls, and lush green  pastures  by the bountiful nature. Every region has the potential of tourism of one kind or the other. While the development of the tourist potential of some privileged regions of the state remained on the top priority of the Governments in power since independence the other regions of the state were meted  out step motherly treatment with the result the most scenic places remained veiled from the outer world. There is no dearth of the tourist destinations in Jammu region of the state, the names of Bhaderwah, Kishtwar and Doda are worth mentioning here, but Basohli tehsil in general and town with its peripheries in general has emerged as an ideal and complete tourist destination after the creation of the 88 sq. kmt. Ranjeet Sagar Lake and the completion of the Atal setu over the lake has not only enhanced the beauty of the town but has thrown open the flood gates for the interstate tourists who throng in good number in the town in search of adventure  tourism. In order to attract a good number of tourists and serve the tourism of their choice, the state Government should manage and develope some income generating, recreational and adventure oriented tourist attractions.
It is for the First time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir that the State Government is receiving  funds from Delhi to start some new public welfare programs, complete the rest and pay off the liabilities. Dehli has taken the tourist industry of the state on the priority with the result crores of rupees have been pouring in for the tourist development, water sports and water tourism of Basohli. The work on the projects  is being carried on war footing. To begin with, only few motor boats have been put in use which are falling short as compared to the number of the tourists.
Proposed events for RSD lake for taking water tourism at Basohli as per the international standard.
Make parasailing sport operational in the RSD,  start water bus service to carry maximum tourists on board and introduce water surface aeroplane in 88 sq. kmt lake.
Parasailing in Ranjeet Sagar lake
Water tourism involves inland destinations such as lakes, rivers where tourists can sail or swim on lakes while many rivers are ideally suited for white water rafting like one in river Ganges.
Parasailing is the passive sport where anyone even  a beginner can opt to and can be flown in the air suspended underneath a large parachute and propelled by a speed boat. Parasailing is an activity for those who love the water but may not have the ability or desire to take on more extreme endeavor such as jet skiing or knee boarding. Parasailing offers the rider a thrilling ascent over the ocean of water or lakes.
Water bus ride
Smooth freshwater lake can prove an ideal water reservoir to undertake such adventurous and thrilling sport. The width of the lake varies from two kms. at some places to three which can facilitate an uninterrupted movement of the motor and speed boats and water buses. Water bus has got many advantages over others. The water bus is a safe rowing  covered with the roof. Moreover it has got the capacity to take good number of tourists on it. It can serve both as covered boat and a passenger bus which can transport passangers to different villages situated on the both banks of the lake.
The 28 kmp. long stretch of lake water is more than enough for taking off or landing for the sea plane.The introduction of sea plane as an event in the RSD will be first of its kind in india. A small plane can carry 12 to 14 tourist passengers which can carry the tourists on board  on the surface of water and then help them make air trip of the neighboring tourist sites of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pardesh and Punjab. The air trip from the surface of RSD can be performed in such a way as can enrich the state exchequer. The tourists can board the plane from the plateforms.
* After taking a few rounds of the lake the plane can take flight from there and fly over the nearby tourist places like Dhar Mahan pur, Sunan Ghat, Jaurian Mata, Banjal, Siara in jammu and Kashmir and over Dalhosie, Bakloh an Kakeer of Himachal Pardesh. The water cum air trip will attract tourists from the rich to the middle class from the northern states of country. Rs. 2500/ to 3000/ per tourist on board can fetch Rs. 36000/per trip.
The water bus, Para sailing, motor boats and the water surface plane can add lacs of rupees to the state exchequer per day. The estimated 10 crores of rupees are sufficient to purchase motor boats, water buses, parasiling equipment and water/ sea planes. It will be in the interest of the state to go for small huts, small restaurants, view points and public amenities for the guest tourists. Developing Fort Shrine of Mata Chanchlo Devi, providing Gandola service from the town to the fort shrine and developing the monuments will enable the Torism Department offer multiple tourism attractions  at one place. In order to catch and enhance the number of the tourists the Government should take up the tourism of Basohli area on the war footing.