Coriander, chilli rise on buying support

NEW DELHI, Aug 5:  Coriander and red chilli prices rose by Rs 200 per quintal at the wholesale kirana market in the national capital today in view of increased buying by retailers and stockists amid low stocks.
Further, fall in supplies from producing belts also supported the upside.
Coriander and red chilli prices rose by Rs 200 each to conclude at Rs 5,500-11,700 and Rs 5,100-11,100 per quintal, respectively.
Traders said buying support from retailers and stockists against fall in supplies from producing belts, mainly pushed up coriander and chilli prices.
Following are today’s quotations (in Rs):
Ajwain (per kg) 110-160, black pepper (per kg) 520-710, betel-nut (kg) 260-300, cardamom brown-Jhundiwali (kg) 650-670 and cardamom brown-Kanchicut (kg) 730-950, cardamom small (kg)- chitridar 975-1,075, cardamom (colour robin) 900-920, cardamom bold 960-980, cardamom extra (bold) 1,150-1,175, cloves 555-670, chirounji (kg) Rs 540-690, cinnamon (kg) Rs 150-155, coriander (qntl) Rs 5,500-11,700, dry mango (qntl) Rs 5,000-13,000, dry ginger (qntl) Rs 10,900-16,900, kalaunji (qntl) Rs 7,700-7,900, mace-Red (kg) Rs 650-820, mace-Yellow (kg) Rs 920-940, methi (qntl) Rs 6,500-18,500, makhana (kg) Rs 350-400, nutmeg (kg) Rs 430-440, poppyseed (China) Rs 350-370 kg, poppyseed (U.P) Rs 340-360 kg, poppyseed (MP-RAJ) Rs 360- 380 kg, red chillies (qntl) Rs 5,100-11,100, saffron Irani Rs (per gram) 120-130, saffron Kashmiri Rs (per gram) 150-160, saunf (qntl) Rs 7,500-14,000, turmeric (qntl) Rs 9,000-11,800, tamarind (qntl) Rs 4,800-5,500, tamarind without seed (qntl) Rs 7,500-10,500, tea (kg) Rs 110-290, watermelon kernel (kg) Rs 150-155, jeera common (qntl) Rs 19,700-19,800 and jeera best (qntl) Rs 21,800-22,200. (PTI)