Construction of Jammu Assembly Complex

It is intriguing to note that inordinate delay in completing the construction of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislature Complex at Civil Secretariat in Jammu should be taken as something as a routine matter for reasons unknown. With an estimated cost of Rs.104 crore in the year 2012, construction of which was entrusted to Jammu Kashmir Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC) , the complex has missed so far , as many as five deadlines in its completion . This has, as usual, resulted in the cost escalation to over Rs.150 crore, as on date.
Needless to add , this project too has suffered due to erratic and poor funds management which resulted in the pace of construction work getting hampered. We must point out that no proper concern was shown towards this complex by the BJP- PDP regime even, rather it faced a rough deal during that period. That no one absolutely cared for the complete stoppage of the work on it for two and a half years speaks in itself the level of sensitivity displayed in respect of this project by the State Government. The climax of the matter is total silence and indifference towards this project shown even by the legislators from the Jammu region. The latest ‘assurance’ received is too conditional in the sense, that in case funds were released to the JKPCC , the project could be completed by September 2020. Let the Government clear the position on this matter at an early date.