Conscious parenting

A key to holistic healing

Sunil Seth
“Belief Control our Bodies our Minds and thus our Lives”
“Energy flows where Attention Goes”.
A new field of “Biology” has come up wherein the “Nurture”, influence the behavior of cells but without changing the Genetic Code descending from the “Nature” i.e. the “Heredity”. Here the shift is from “Neo-Darwinism” to “New Biology”, where in, the Conscious Mind i.e. the “Nurture” trumps over the “Nature” , like a paradigmatic shift from the “Flat World Civilization” to “Round World Reality”. This fact led me to realize the importance of integrating the realms of “Spiritualism and Science”. It is going to offer an insight into the “Perception” and the “Sub-conscious awareness” on the expression of one’s Body’s Healing Potential. In fact, it is going to be the bottoming of “Materialism” of today’s society. Are you ready to use your “Conscious Mind” to create a life overflowing with “Health, Happiness and Love without the aid of the “Genetic Engineers” and also without addicting yourself to “Drugs”? Are you ready to consider an alternate reality to, that provided by the “Medical Model of the Human Body” as a “Biochemical Machine”? There is nothing to buy, and there are no policies to take out even. It is just a matter of temporarily suspending the “Archaic Belief” which you have acquired from the “Scientific and Media” establishments, so that a new world of “Energy Healing” is unveiled before you. New Biology offers the knowledge of “Self” and from that knowledge comes our “Lives”.
“Mind” is more powerful than “Drugs” to regain our health. Rather, it is the missing link between understanding of “Bio Medicine” of the past and the “Energy Based” healing of the future. What is a disease? A disease is an interaction among “Multiple Genes” and the “Environmental Factors”. Millions attribute this, to that, the falling health is not a combination of Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual causes but simply to the inadequacies of their Body’s Bio-Chemical imbalances without ever giving a needful thought that what actually is going on in their “Bodies, Mind and the Spirit”. Cells control “Physiology and Behavior” but cells life itself is being controlled by the “Physical and the Dynamic” environment surrounding it and not by its “Genes” according to the concept of NEW BIOLOGY. It is an awareness of “Environment” and not the “Genes” that sets into motion the mechanism of life’s “Energy Based Environment”. In fact, it is the environmental signal that influence the “Cell Biology” and has even got the potential to alter the “Gene” expression, thereby, controlling the cell fate, influence cell movement, control cell survival, or even sentence a cell to death, probably the cause behind the new burgeoning diseases every now and then and many a time the “Sudden Deaths”. The “Energy of Thought” can activate or inhibit the cell’s functions producing problems. Environment plays a crucial role in the generation of the cells which can make sense of your life and even can give you an insight to even change it. In fact, the genes cannot pre programme a cell or organism’s life because the cells survival depends on thsse ability to dynamically adjust to an ever changing environment and not by its gene code. Also, the “Energy” signaling is 100 times more efficient and infinitely faster than “Chemical” signaling (Medical World) which can set in motion the energy wheal and the harmonic resonance, where in comes the importance of “Meditation, Yoga and Spiritualism”, the food for the Conscious” mind. It has been proved scientifically that when the “Environment” was less than optimal, the cell faulted but when re-adjusted the environment, the sick cells revitalized. Environmental influences includes nutrition, stress and emotions, have got the power to modify the genes without even changing the “Blue Print” in the form of DNA, which can be passed on to the future generations as surely as “DNA Blue Prints” are passed onto the next generation. Hence, the contribution of Nurture (Environment) is equally important as nature (Genes) for disease free body beyond medical science. Study has found that the faulty “Nurture” is far more responsible for varieties of diseases. In fact, only 5% of Cancer and Cardiovascular patients can attribute their disease to “Heredity Malignancies”. Significant number of Cancer cases is derived from environmentally induced alteration in cell’s physiology and not to defective Genes. In fact, The Genome is far more responsive to the environment. Environment plays a critical role in the operation of the body which in turn can make sense of your life and give you insight into the ways of changing it too, the fact behind “Conscious Parenting” i.e. the “Energy Based Holistic Healing’. Genes cannot preprogram but are primarily influenced by its interaction with the environment and not by its genetic code. In fact, it is the intimate relationship between “Energy and Matter i.e. the surrounding and the Body”. Hence energy is a more efficient means of altering of the “Matter than Chemicals” as “Subconscious Mind” is more powerful than the “Conscious Mind”.
That is why, then, I took the first step towards changing my life. I actively monitored where I was expending my “Brain’s Energy”. I had to examine the consequences of energy I invested in my thoughts (Mind’s Energy) as closely as I examined the extent of energy I used to power my physical body; the energy which is a more efficient means of affecting “Matter (Body) than Chemicals”. Harnessing the power of your mind can be more powerful than the drugs. As a child you might have often heard over and over again that you are worthless and sickly.
Those messages programmed in your Sub-Conscious Mind will undermine your best Conscious efforts to change your life which is self sabotaging Conscious Programming. Here is when the Conscious Mind’s capacity to override the subconscious mind’s preprogrammed behaviors is the foundation of the free will. We have the capacity to consciously evaluate our response to environmental stimuli and change old responses any time we desire, once we deal with the powerful subconscious mind. Then, we are not stuck with our “Genes or our Fears’, is the first step towards creating a fuller and more satisfying life. The Concept of “Conscious Parenting” starts with the quality of life in “Womb” itself which is our temporary home before we are born; program our susceptibility to deceased or disease free life, coupled with stress in the later part of the life.
The incidence in our mythology that when the lord Krishna discoursing with Abhimanyu’s mother regarding the vidya of the “Sudershan Chakra”, the lady was awoke during the first part i.e. when entering was being narrated but asleep when breaking of the Chakravyuh was being discoursed, which became the turning point in the Mahabharata as Abhimanyu was not knowing the way to come outof the Chakrvayuh as his mother fell asleep during that part of the narration when he was in the womb itself. This is in fact, what the conscious parenting is. Our ancestors were definitely aware of the biology of “conscious parenting” , even thousands of year before. The parents are the “Genetic Engineer” who can Engineer his child beyond the “Genetic Blueprint” too. “Value Education” in the form of “Meditation, Yoga and Spiritualism” has to be imbibed in, even from the Pre-Natal stage itself for gifting the coming generation with a “Disease” free “Holistic Living”