An actor in the making


Mohd Yaseen

In order to succeed, one must first think that he can, which is followed by a tough grind. Every parent sees a doctor and an engineer in their kids, they have restricted their kids from exploring other options. Thereby putting a full stop to their imagination kills and their dreams. In a population of 1.2 billion, finding a job of your choice is of course a hard nut to crack, but channelizing your energy and hard work properly, may lead an individual to success. Pursuing your dreams in a society, where parents want to see their kids earning their bread and butter as soon as possible is arduous. In this present arena of 21st century where everyone is surrounded with electronic gadgets which are totally killing the imagination of youths and where, everyone else is in a dilemma of setting a definite goal, Sushant Singh Charak, has set a goal for himself to become an actor. Born to Rajan Singh and Seema Charak, Sushant Singh Charak stepped into theatre in the year 2017 during a Summer Theatre Workshop for Children organised by Natrang. Afterwards after seeing his dedication towards his work, he got an opportunity to work with the big names of Jammu Theatre like Balwant Thakur, Anil Tickoo, Neeraj Kant, Sumeet Sharma, Sanjeev Gupta and many more. In this short span of almost one and a half years, he has been the part of more than 50 productions with above 100 performances till date staged at different parts of the country as well as state.
A student Non-medical in Ranbir Higher Secondary School, Jammu, the major plays in which he has enacted and won the appreciations of the critics includes Milawat Ke Liye Khed Hai, Reedh Ki Haddi, Overcoat, Twelfth Night, Mata Ki Kahani, Maut Ki Saza, Deemak, Do Kalakaar, Bade Bhaisahab, Balak, In Her Shoes, Dur Se Kisi Ne Aawaaz Di, Rang Badalti Duniya, Girgit, Loktantra Ka Mantyra, Hungama Ho Gaya, Kasak, Tauba Tauba, Jhootha Khawab, Prem Visheshagya, Mind Games, Bawa Jitto, Gatt, Romeo Juliet, Rehearsal, Mujrim Farar Hai, Aap Humare Hai Kaun, Baasi Bhaat Mein Kudha Ka Saajha, Jangiram Ki Haveli, Kauva Chala Hans Ki Chaal, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Banj, Mahabhoj, Mere Hisse Ki Dhoop Kaha Hai, Sainyan Bhaye Kotwal, Rooh Ka Natak, Naye Mehmaan, Kanjoos, Refund, Aag, Bagia Banccha Ram Ki, Suno Eh Kahani and Great Expectations.
A proud participant of Kala Godha Arts Festival, Mumbai, Silver Jubille National Drama Festival of Vivechana, National Theatre Festival Chandigarh and many more. He has also the credit of performing in Natrang Theatre Festivals which Natrang is doing since last 7 months in which 24 productions has been staged till now.
Sushant shares, ‘I had no idea when I entered in this theatre of dreams and creative world, but gradually I am feeling that theatre has changed my life. ‘
He further says , ‘Nothing is easy but it’s you who can make everything easy’. A great American Actor Brian Stokes Mitchell, once said, ‘ the magic of theatre has the power to affect the audience, an individual, or masse, to transform them and give them an epiphanal experience that changes their life, opens their hearts and their minds and the way they think’. So one can understand the power and the magic of theatre which can change your art of living. It is no cakewalk that something will happen overnight. Without, persistence and courage towards your goal it can never be achieved.
Balwant Thakur eminent Theatre Director while sharing his views on Sushant shares ‘Looking at the remarkable achievements of Sushant Singh, one can simply say that this young man is destined to create a history in Jammu. I wish he maintains his consistency, enthusiasm and current passion. This is the right age when we all will celebrate his historic accomplishments. At this juncture, we all need to support, encourage and strengthen his focussed actions aimed at the accomplishment of his ultimate goal of life.”
Sunita Pandit, a senior most actor of the state says “Sushant is a boy with too much potential, has the ability and capability to switch from one role to another with professional ease. He has all the traits of becoming a good actor, be it dialogue delivery, be it voice modulation or body language, he has mastered in everything and that too in such a short span. I see in him the streaks of an actor who leaves an enduring impression on the audience. I wish to see him as a shining star which he is already in making. I have worked with him in the one play and hope to work with him in future also. His zest to learn things has left everyone flabbergasted.”
The future of theatre lies on the shoulders of young brigade like Sushant Singh charak, who is an inspiration to the upcoming aspirants of theatre. He’s brought laurels to Natrang, one day he’ll bring laurels to the Nation. The dedication and devotion which Sushant possesses will definitely make him an actor that not many have seen. One habit of his that everyone is envious of is his dedication for acting. He’s an actor, he’s a team worker and a sincere student blended into one. For him there’s no stopping……….