Concerns for the elderly persons

In India, traditionally and culturally elders used to command respect and affection in the society not to speak of from their nears and dears. Materialistic ‘invasion’ disturbed all those glorious equations and now, instances are when even well to do children find their elders in relation as a burden and a liability hence implementing their ”right of abode” in Old Age Homes. Those not in such conditions even back home are not feeling the passing of the twilight of their lives comfortable . This very country still has exceptions in increasing numbers where the younger ones adore their elders not to speak of taking their normal care. Looking to what the government is doing for them, less said the better. Even basic consideration of separate queues in government departments, telephone and electric bill payment counters, hospitals, dispensaries etc for the elderly, are never seen.
Supreme Court has admitted that the elderly are suffering after taking the overall view of the scenario especially in respect of the difficulties faced by them in getting pension for which it has directed that pension payment be made in time to them and those living in Old Age Homes be provided with the personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitizers and face masks during the currency of the COVID 19 pandemic. The court has directed the administration to attend to their problems and difficulties whenever request for the same was made.