Complete work on DIET Pulwama

Again, funds have come in between the completion of the District Institute of Education Training (DIET) , Pampore area in Pulwama and the hopes associated with it. For the last one year , scarcity of funds has not been addressed by the authorities concerned in respect of its building. This institution was aimed at providing much required training to teachers of the district so that their performance registered quality change. The project with an estimated cost of Rs. 4.78 crore was started in 2011 and down the line all these 9 years , the project continues to be incomplete.
If education front was to be seen performing well , it had to arrange training sessions for teachers from various disciplines. When the response of the Government was to this extent that a proper place, premise and ambiance were not thought important for the purpose, how could the claims of the Government of improving the education sector be construed to be genuine? The present position is that the executing agency – Roads and Buildings Department has now to prepare afresh Detailed Project Report with cost escalation which could have been avoided had there been concerted efforts made beforehand in respect of providing funds for it. The Government must look into the issue to resolve it at an early date.