COAI warns mobile users against fraud messages, calls relating to KYC details

NEW DELHI, July 30:
Mobile operators’ association COAI on Friday warned the public not to respond to fraudulent messages and calls relating to KYC documents, and urged users to stay “aware and cautious”.
COAI cautioned that mischievous elements are sending fake messages and calling people, threatening to block SIM cards. If the false directives are followed, it can potentially lead to privacy breach or financial or data loss, Cellular Operators’ Association of India (COAI) said.
“The messages and calls falsely claim that the customer’s KYC documents are incomplete, pending or expired. Receivers of such messages are falsely advised to call a particular number or download an app on their phones,” S P Kochhar, Director General of COAI said in a statement.
The industry body urged the general public not to fall for any fraudulent messages and calls, and to stay vigilant. It asked mobile users not to respond to fake messages or calls, nor download any app, share documents or data.
“Users are advised to only follow messages sent by their operator from their designated SMS IDs only. By staying aware and cautious, we can together fight this menace,” COAI said.
On Thursday evening, telecom operator Vodafone Idea (VIL) had cautioned its subscribers on the same issue. VIL had warned customers against online and KYC frauds, after it noted that some subscribers were getting calls and messages from unidentified numbers seeking update of KYC details.
The company said clicking on any unverified link or sharing any details could lead to data and information theft from the mobile device, and result in other serious consequences. (PTI)