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1. To all from Pyiya Gupta: ” Humanity is the hall mark of true education”.
2. From Gourav Sabharwal to all: ” In order to climb the highest mountains, you also have to walk through the lowest valleys”.
3. To all from Mohit Bhat: ” No man was ever so much deceived by another as by himself”.
4. From Sudeshwar Singh to all: ” Life is one eternal structure between the forces of good and evil”.
5. To all from Sudershan Puri: ” Ignorance is the primary source of all misery and vice”.
6. From Sakshan Puri to all: ” There is no great genius without a mixture of madness”.
7. To all from Ruchika Gupta: ” Everything looks funny as it is happening to somebody else”.
8. From Sunil Thakur to all: ” Once you deflate negative thoughts with positive ones; Positive results will happen to you”.
9. To all from Sangeeta Padwal: ” People will hate you, shake you but how strong you stand will always make you”.
10. From Varun Abrol to all: ” A good exterior is a silent recommendation. “.
11. To all from Gourav Sabharwal: ” Fascism is capitalism plus murder”.
12. From Rahul Mohan Bhat to all: ” The love of money is the root of all fascism”.
13. To all from Vaishno Parkash: ” Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”.

The award of rupees 300 for this week’s best message has gone to V P Puri R/o Near HOSPITAL, OPPOSITE COOPERATIVE SCHOOL, WARD NO:4 SAMBA-184121, CONTACT: 9906064401 for the message ” It’s not the will to win, but to prepare to win that makes the difference”.
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