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1. To all from Devinder Sharma: ” Friendship is like a glass when it breaks it is difficult to repair”.
2. From Vijay Mengi to all: ” Big lessons of life are learnt from little mistakes”.
3. To all from Sonika Gupta: ” The best medicine in the world is a mothers hug”.
4. From Surbhi Khullar to all: ” Life, should be great, not long”.
5. To all from Akshay Dewan: ” Find a place inside where there ‘s joy and the joy will burn out the pain”.
6. From Arush Kumar to all: ” Never wait for the sun. Create your own mornings”.
7. To all from Ravinder Nath: ” Prayer need no speech”.
8. From Sweety Rani to all: ” Living alone does not mean you are alone, it means you are strong enough to handle every situation”.
9. To all from Suresh Puri: ” Harsh words break no bones of yours- but they do break hearts”.
10. From Ranjan Gupta to all: ” Every fall is a call to rise”.
11. To all from Sunil Kumar : ” If we can have strong will and power we can even cross the sky, that is the limit of success for others”.
12. From Romesh Mehra to all: ” Knowledge and timber should not be much used until they are seasoned “.
13. To all from Anil Puri: ” Language is the dress of thought”.