China enhances military presence in Ladakh

Exposed and cornered by the world opinion against the deliberate goof indulged in by China in respect of Corona virus, in a bid to divert the global attention and to send some type of message that it had not been cowed down, enhancing its military presence in Ladakh is reminiscent of one of its desperate responses thereto. Since India’s profile in the comity of nations as an emerging power is mistakenly taken as avoidable development by China, it has resorted to its same old treacherous manoeuvrings in Ladakh. We have seen during the last few days not only its activities in the region were conspicuous of its abnormal and hostile nature while fully countered by India but enhancing military presence in Ladakh depicted its ill designs. India, therefore, too has matched Chinese enhancement of military presence in the area resulting into mounting of tensions as a natural corollary.
It may be recalled that Doklam stand off two years back where India resisted Chinese provocations and conveyed that in the region, it too had its considered say of great deal vis-a-vis Bhutan or for that matter, any other country in the region. India, as such, refused to pull back its troops much against the calculations of the Chinese scheming thus ultimately leading to simultaneous mutual withdrawal which did have a profound impact on geo-political stand of both the countries. China’s expansionist ambitions are getting more exposed day in and day out. It may be noted that other countries having disputes of one or the other form with China shall now feel more encouraged to stand against it looking to India’s hard but right stand on China’s provocative and aggressive stances. South China sea is the area where China wants to have its supremacy registered and does not hesitate in indulging in aggressive tactics and so is the case along Indian borders with China where China pokes its aggressive nose, of and on. It is because of that ambition that Gulwan valley in Ladakh is again sought to be made an unprovoked conflict area by the Chinese especially around Pangong Tso Lake by unnecessarily but provokingly, rushing more of its troops there and India consequently following suit. It is, therefore, in the fitness of things that Indian top military brass must be monitoring the situation very closely. That China’s aggressive postures are evident is even felt by the United States and other countries and have duly commented upon it.
Why should China object to construction of roads by India in its own area in the region unless China had aggressive and coercive tactics both in its rhetoric as well as in its actions? That it does not limit its diabolical postures against India on its borders with our country alone but tries to weaken the economic and strategic relations of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, etc with India by influencing and ‘promising’ tactics as a part of its South Asian foreign policy aimed at neutralising India’s role. However, much water had flown down the rivers, China must fairly know that it was not 1962 as India of 2020 was determined to not get scared of Chinese muscle flexing, come what may.
In 1962 too, China had its ambition of misadventures in Gulwan valley and as of now, it has erected a sizeable number of tents there following which India has sent reinforcements to keep a close watch over there. While India was committed to maintaining peace and tranquillity over the entire border with China especially in the Gulwan area, it has conveyed to the belligerent and undependable neighbour that it would protect its borders at all costs . While the entire world is entangled with fighting the most elusive enemy of the human beings-the Corona virus and almost most of their energies getting relocated to fighting it, China choosing the occasion to escalate the tensions on borders is reprehensible.