Child labour

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” (Oscar Wilde) The above quoted line by a famous poet and author Oscar Wilde is very true, as children are the future of the world.
However, in present world there is growing concern about the children, who instead of being in schools or at play are being forced to work so that they can survive. Instead of pen to write with and toys to play with they are given tools to work and make a living. This has given birth to a gruesome social evil called child labour.
The child labour has eaten vitals of our society. The children are seen as cheap working machines. They are either too young to work or are involved in activities that are hazardous to their physical, mental, social or educational development.
Poverty is indeed the main reason for the child labour. Because of this children are forced to leave their school and opt for menial jobs to support their families for their livelihood. Parents prefer their children to become earning hands and damn care about their education. They make a living out of their suffering. Child Labour Day aims to shed light on the problems of the child labour, highlighting the need to defeat any form of economic exploitation of child.
But, it should be borne in mind that mere celebration of this day every year cannot help children who are still groaning under this evil. The aim of this day is to end all those means which hamper the physical and mental development of children. It is our responsibility in particular to work for the end of this evil. Let’s pledge to bless their withered bodies with passion and make their dead veins flow with blood again.
Sayar Ahmad Rather
Kulgam (Kashmir)