Aspirations of people

Shortly after the swearing in ceremony of new faces inducted in the cabinet of the Central Government, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted with the following message. “I congratulate all the colleagues who have taken oath today and wish them the very best for their ministerial tenure. We will continue working to the full aspirations of the people and build a strong and prosperous India”.
If the Prime Minister truly wishes to work to fulfill the aspirations of the people with his new brigades, then he inevitably needs to draw his attention to the necessary aspirations of the people which have been piling up day by day and they are price hike of petrol and diesel and growing unemployment etc.Thousands of youths are waiting for job creations by the government for a long time. The government needs to sort out the problems of the people with no further delay, if it actually needs India to be prosperous.
M.Muddassir Shaikh
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