Checking air pollution

This has reference to the news item ‘Primary Schools closed in Delhi’  (DE, Nov 8, 2017). It is shocking to read that the quality of air in Delhi has deteriorated to such an extent that the Government had to close all the Primary Schools in Delhi. The Govt also asked the schools for stopping outdoor activities including morning assemblies and issued a health advisory for high risk people, including children, the elderly and asthmatic patients to avoid morning and evening walks. Deterioration of the quality of air is a serious problem. Right to breathe clean and unpolluted air is a basic  human right. But unfortunately, owing to rising pollution levels, the people are forced to breathe toxic air which  may lead to severe ailments and even premature deaths. Thus, the Government need to take aggressive and efficient measures to check the rising pollution levels in Delhi and other cities. The old vehicles emitting poisonous smoke need to be banned. CNG needs to be promoted and pollution causing industries should be relocated to countryside and even shut down till the quality of air improves. A complete ban on bursting crackers on eve of festivals, marriage ceremonies and victory in matches can also help a lot in controlling the surging levels of pollution. Anti pollution laws and directions of the Apex and other Courts also issued by NGT from time to time need to be implemented in letter and spirit and violators be awarded exemplary punishment to check pollution and thus, make this planet a place worth living. No measure however good it may be, cansucceed without the active involvement of the people. Therefore, mass awareness camps need to be organised to aware the people about the harmful effects of pollution. The farmers ought to be motivated not to burn the paddy straw in the fields as it may lead to severe environmental degradation.
Yours etc….
Ashok Sharma,