Cheaper treatment to COVID infected people

How long the disaster and the virtual tragedy of COVID-19 had to last being unknown looking to continuous spike in the daily cases to an alarming proportions, treatment options and facilities need special and focussed attention . What about small towns where this pandemic has reached with its notorious deadly speed and intensity, Supreme Court has directed that there should be cheaper treatment for COVID patients in smaller towns . It has desired that Insurance Companies must prove their promptness in settling claims and not keep hands off at the time of the pandemic. The states needed to take extra care as health was a state subject, the Supreme Court reminded the states.
What is the plea of some private hospitals that uniform price capping would notbe possible between the cities and smaller towns but the fact of the matter is that it should not be arbitrary too and must be decided on certain grounds and circumstances. However, many states had floated such rates of treatment to private hospitals to make the same applicable as the capacity and the infrastructure with the Government run hospitals was proving not matching with the spike in infected cases. The court , it may be noted, only last month had directed that no one should be turned away from hospitals due to higher cost of treatment.