Chandrayan 2 A humble tribute to Scientists

Rohit Kapoor
A blip and heart break! And silence everywhere, however, its sound could be heard in the eyes that spoke loud.
“The sadness in your eyes was visible. I know that you haven’t slept for many nights…We start successfully and suddenly everything is invisible. I have also lived that moment when communication was off and you were stunned. I was watching it. There were questions in my mind also, how and why had it happened.”
PM of India rose to the occasion while responding to those tough moments, which passed away, forever, however, will always be part of India’s space research and development .Glorious, genius, and creative are few of those words that can best describe our scientists. This set of people, though in miniscule, you would look to for inspiration. They are driven by constant curiosity and inspired to find truth. From Einstein to Newton to Galileo, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and of course APJ Abdul Kalam, the great minds of science touch on all you need to inspire you to achieve more. These scientists have left an invaluable influence in the trajectory of lives and careers of many.
A great tribute by PM to them “You are exceptional professionals who have made an incredible contribution to national progress. You have always given your best and will give us several more opportunities to smile,” quoted to have stated.
Tears came rolling down, solace came on his back and he made a promise for come back. It was heart touching event for citizens of this country when target just missed, yet, brought all out respect for the efforts made by our scientists. It is not be the first time in Indian science history the scientists received accolades from their hard work, however, today was different as the whole country was shown the way the as to how the scientists be treated notwithstanding the results of a mission. They work very hard, lives are spent in labs; far away from gaze and lime light. India is picking up fast for the last few years to catch up retarded pace of research and development.
Their research is a “voyage of discovery”, which is subject to unpredictability and imperfection. Science evolves according to testability, which might result in refutations. Thus, the absence of anticipated correlations should also be counted as important results because they advance science. Examples like this one suggest that negative results creates an information sharing opportunity with peer scientists that can potentially inspire new directions for further studies.
And in the present case, things move on as usual and for giant leaps in future. India scientists have gained respect and appreciation for their bold effort from scientific community across the World. And our Nations pay a humble tribute to them and wish them best.
(The author is FMR. Addl. Advocate General High Court of J&K)