Centre notices slackness in implementation of DILRMP in J&K

Revenue Deptt directed to promptly take steps for expediting work
Says no progress on various  vital components so far

Mohinder Verma
JAMMU, Jan 20: In a major embarrassment for the concerned authorities of the State, the Union Government has once again noticed slackness in the implementation of Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) in Jammu and Kashmir and has directed the Revenue Department to immediately expedite physical progress on various components.
The Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme is the scheme of the Department of Land Resources of the Union Ministry of Rural Development and the main aims of the Programme are to usher in a system of updated land records, automated and automatic mutation, integration between textual and spatial records, inter-connectivity between revenue and registration to replace the present deeds registration and presumptive title system with that of conclusive titling with title guarantee.
The DILRMP has three major components—computerization of land record, survey/re-survey and computerization of registration.
Official sources told EXCELSIOR that during recent review of the physical progress in the implementation of DILRMP, the Department of Land Resources of the Union Rural Development Ministry once again noticed slackness in the implementation of Programme in Jammu and Kashmir which has attained notoriety due to several land scams mainly because of ambiguities in the land records.
As far as component of computerization of land records is concerned, the Union Ministry has observed, “Jammu and Kashmir has made no significant progress on this aspect till date and unless special attention is paid and intervention at the highest level is ensured there are remote chances of achieving objective behind this component of the DILRMP”.
“Similarly, no progress has been made on digitization of cadastral maps, which otherwise are required to show the boundaries of the sub-divisions of the land usually with the directions and lengths thereof and the areas of individual tracts compiled for the purpose of describing and recording ownership”, sources said quoting the observations of the Union Ministry.
It has also noticed no progress vis-a-vis integration of cadastral maps with Records of Right (RoR) and stressed the need for expediting this activity by the Revenue Department through the agency engaged for the task, sources further informed.
About connectivity between Sub-Registration Offices and Integration of Land records and Property Registration, the Ministry has observed: “This aspect has not received due attention till date”. As far as computerization of registration is concerned, the Ministry said, “Registration is still being handled by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court instead of Revenue Department”.
Sources disclosed that Director, Department of Land Resources of the Union Ministry of Rural Development Vijay Prakash has conveyed the outcome of the review of the physical progress in respect of DILRMP to the Secretary to Government, Department of Revenue Jammu and Kashmir with the request to review component wise progress on regular basis and take urgent required action in respect of the components where progress is not satisfactory.
It is pertinent to mention here that in the Phase-I of the DILRMP, Srinagar and Jammu districts have been taken up for implementation. In the 2nd phase 10 more districts and in the 3rd and final phase starting from April 2020 to March 2022, the remaining 10 districts will be covered. The entire process in the State has been targeted to be completed by 31st March, 2022.
As per the sources, under Phase-1, out of the 6.60 crore Revenue documents and 55000 Revenue maps targeted to be scanned, only 2.50 crore Revenue documents and 45,000 Revenue maps have been scanned. 100% Revenue documents of Central Record Room Jammu have been scanned. However, 100% scanning of Revenue documents in Central Record Room Srinagar will take time although it forms the bulk of the work load—close to 2.5 crore Revenue documents.
Chief Secretary B V R Subrahmanyam has already passed directions to the Revenue Department for working out month and district wise schedule in consultation with the vendor M/s Ramtech Software Solutions Pvt Ltd and ensure that the task of scanning the remaining 4 crore Revenue documents and maps is completed by June 2019.