‘Celebrate new year with zeal’

So chilled the nights, so dark,
And the pets, my frenzy labardors bark,
Dinner is ready, I prepared with love,
Just come and eat like a tender dove,
Burger, pizza, cake, juice, no wine;
Give me little, my honey, rest is thine,
Be calm, eat with the mind steady,
O love, my bard, be mine, I’m ready,
Dazzling moon, twinkling stars, all shine,
And the cosmic world full of life, all mine,
Hear the Carols, people sing beautifully,
Following pause, intonation, rules, dutifully,
Love is in the air, just feel…
Celebrate the new year with zeal.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.




The bells were ringing out the old:
Methink, I heard a voice say’:
“I am the New Year, came a ray
From God ! Give up the greed of gold
And ease and selfish thoughts !
Be hold
The sons of light and love, do fight
On battle field for Truth and Right !
The bugles call thee, too ! Be bold !
The days are dark; but be not sad !!
Be brave and help in driving out
The darkness from the land, and doubt,
When nations still are power mad!
Be thou a warrior of the light !
The Flag of Dharma still uphold !
Thy inner strength in faith unfold !
Reveal the Krishna and the Christ !”
Sanjay Dhar
Laxmi Nagar, Sarwal



Slipping out of hands,
Like the grains of sand;
The hands of time.
Stop not. Let it flow;
When it will be destined; you will glow.
What is yours today, may never was yours.
Ownership, possession, envy, obscures,
It is the shadow which you are grasping.
The shadow giving way to many dreams,
Thoughts spreading like branches of a tree.
Only way out to set your mind free ;
Is only and only divine consciousness.
Refrain from criticizing, Quiet the noise
Come out of the chrysalis of ego, carry your poise,
Your existence is prime, live and let it go
Nothing can obstruct, this is your show,
And the riff raff in your vicinity must know
When it will be destined; you will glow.
Parade of distracting thoughts, marching through mind;
Blinding the wits, letting the ordeals rewind.
Turn agony into courage ,
Build lives that brim with purpose and meaning.
Unself and be free from the shackles of longing.
Materialism, facade ,fantasy and dissatisfaction,
Frustration ,disillusion , unhappiness and exhaustion,
Mundane thoughts set the mood of deep resentment,
Yet Life brims with mystery, so live in eternal present.
What is what you are seeking in the crowd
Bliss is in your mind, shouting aloud,
Within was emptiness, an unknown scantiness.
Time is the great leveler,
So in the pursuit of happiness,
Stop not. Let the time flow;
When it will be destined; you will glow.
Roma Gupta