CBSE to open portal for Class 11, 12 marks moderation from July 16 to July 22

NEW DELHI : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday informed that tabulation portal for the moderation of Class 11 and 12 marks will be opened from July 16. The board in a letter to affiliated schools said the portal will be closed on July 22 for declaration of results by July 31.
The Board asked the schools to moderate the scores that have been uploaded as per the reference year data bank in the seven-day window when the portal is open by visiting the official website
“As per the time schedule given in policy, the portal for moderation and finalization of results for Class-XII is being opened from July 16 (Afternoon) to July 22 (Mid Night). As Board has to declare the result latest by July 31, schools are requested to follow the schedule strictly and complete the moderation within schedule. If any school is left to complete the moderation within the stipulated schedule, their result will be declared separately after July 31,” the letter said.
CBSE reiterated that the common objective is the declaration of “valid, reliable and unbiased results” of the students in the pandemic situation.
“Moderating marks of Class-XI and XII will be a great responsibility, which has to be done in a manner to ensure justice and fairness to students. Any differential application of policy across schools may result in either adverse impact or undue gain for some students. It should be kept in mind that the responsibility of the Result Committee is being exercised on behalf of CBSE for the entire student population and should not be seen as limited to that of a particular school,” CBSE said.
It, therefore, mandated the schools to moderate the marks in such a manner that the results are comparable and “no student should suffer because of any unequal application of policy within a school or across schools”.
To aid the schools, CBSE provided marks, including distribution of the marks, based on the best performance of the previous three years, which will be taken as reference for the purpose of moderation.
“To ensure comparability and fairness at the higher range of marks, schools should exercise due diligence and ensure that there is no bunching of total marks in the range of 95 and above. They will, therefore, have to restrict the number of students at each level of overall marks from 95 and above, to ensure that this number is not more than the number of students scoring these overall marks, as per the best historic performance of the last three years,” the board said.
CBSE also provided schools with the broad pattern of distribution of students’ total marks (Theory + Practical) of a school (that is, the composite total of class-X, class-XI and class-XII theory marks).
CBSE noted that schools will therefore have to, additionally, ensure that after moderation, the number of students with overall marks in the range of 95 and above, this year, is not more than the number of students scoring such overall marks, as per the best historic performance of the last three years.
To further facilitate the schools in moderation of marks, CBSE said a user-friendly software has been developed, the guidelines of which will be made available on the portal.
“This software has two sections — subject wise moderation and overall moderation. A complete tabulation sheet will be visible for schools comprising of all components of marks viz. Class X, Class XI, Class XII and Practical/Project/IA and schools should first go through the guidelines and understand before you undertake the exercise of moderation of marks. It may also be ensured that ‘submission’ button needs to be pressed only when you are confirmed that moderation done by you is 100 per cent correct,” the board said.
In case, it is observed that a school has not followed the directions, CBSE said before the preparation of the result, it will moderate the marks to bring the awarded marks in consonance with the objectives of the policy.
“It is also informed that the changes made by the schools in data will be recorded by CBSE. If it is observed that the policy has not been followed in letter and spirit by schools, CBSE may initiate action against such schools as stipulated in the policy,” the board added with instructions to comply with the directions within schedule given. (Agency)