CBI probe will spell doom for State Govt: Lal Singh

Excelsior Correspondent
KATHUA, May 20: Making a scathing attack on Kashmiri leadership for denigrating the honour and prestige of valiant Dogras of Jammu, former Minister of Forests, Ch Lal Singh today said that he will not rest till this stigma is removed.
Addressing a mammoth Dogra Swabhiman rally at Londi Morh in Hiranagar tehsil of Kathua district today, former Minister who resigned after controversy surfaced for his joining Hindu Ekta Manch (HEM) rally at Koota in February this year along with his another ministerial colleague Chander Parkash Ganga, said that the ultimate goal of this struggle is to get CBI probe ordered in Rassana murder and kidnapping of the tribal girl with the support of the people of Jammu.
He, while hitting out at Kashmiri leadership, said they left no stone unturned in damaging the Dogras pride and honour . “They maligned our image by calling us rapists and pro-rapists there by challenging our self esteem and dignity which is totally intolerable,” he added.
Ridiculing the statements of Kashmiri leadership on the CBI probe demand, he said they are afraid that with the CBI probe facts will come out, the Government will fall and they will be exposed before the world.

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“I don’t care if Government falls but we need the CBI probe as this can only give justice to the tribal girl. We don’t demand any thing extra but Kashmiris always discriminated with us as they wanted that people should fight among themselves so that peace in Jammu is also threatened. But we will never allow them to succeed in their vicious designs”, he added.
Lal Singh said that Dogras are brave people and have a rich history of past. “ We have the warriors like Maharaja Gulab Singh, Gen. Zorawar Singh, Brig. Rajinder Singh, and others while the Kashmiris have no such history” he added.
“These were Dogra warriors who fought Pak invaders in 1947 and pushed them back”, he said, adding “the Kashmiris have never fought any war in comparison to that and have a total black history”.
Instead of dubbing us as murderers, the Kashmiris should have an introspection that what they did during last 30 years, he said, adding “we demand nothing except a CBI probe and that too for the first time in history. In comparison to that Kashmiris have demanded CBI probe seven times and it was ordered”.
Lal Singh, while lambasting the State Government said that why there are such double standards and discrimination between the people of two regions. He also regretted that the media in Kashmir  played a total negative role and ganged up against Dogras hitting our respect and honour by calling us rapist and murderers under a hatched conspiracy to denigrate and malign us”.
The former Minister said that the name of tribal girl was used for politicking and to give a bad name to Jammu. After eroding the pluralistic character of Kashmir, the Kashmiri leadership is now hell bent to communalize the situation in Jammu forgetting that strong bonds of secularism and brotherhood prevail in this region where people irrespective of their religion are Dogras.
He said that Kashmiri leaders taunted him for attending the Hindu Ekta Manch rally in Koota and I don’t understand what was wrong in attending the rally. He however announced change of name of Hindu Ekta Manch to Dogra Ekta Mach. The HEM leaders advocate Vijay Sharma and Kant Kumar were on the stage at that time.
The crowd gave a very good response to Lal Singh and reciprocated his every sentence with applause and slogans. They shouted “Lal Singh Tum Aagay Bado, Hum Tumaray Saath Hain” (Lal Singh you march ahead we are at your back).
He said this rally is not only of Hindus but Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are attending it in large numbers. He said that today’s rally was only a trailer and in coming time a massive rally will be held in Jammu also to shake the Government.
Lal Singh said that Dogras have won 90 percent battle and the remaining 10 percent will be won in next few days.
He regretted that HEM activists are sitting on fast unto death for last 61 days at Koota Morh but no one is hearing them. He announced onwards today 50 people daily from different villages will participate in the fast till the goal is achieved.
While justifying the CBI probe demand, he said not only the people of Jammu but the NRIs belonging to Jammu region too supported the demand as it is the matter of Dogras dignity and pride.
He complimented the Jammu media for playing the positive role and making fair reporting on Rassana issue especially the Daily Excelsior,  ZEE News etc.
The rally led by Lal Singh left Lakhanpur 7 am and enroute thousands of people greeted and garlanded him. The people had installed stalls serving food and water to participants  in the rally. There was a traffic jam for two hours on NH and to overcome the problem the police diverted the traffic via border road.


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