Canteen subsidies

Refer news item ‘ Parl Canteens’ subsidies to go’ DE Dec 6, 2019. The decision by the Parliament to withdraw subsidies on Parliament canteens is more than welcome. This decision should have been undertaken much earlier for the sake of the nation, and for the poor people of this country. These legislator did not deserve this facility keeping in view the enormous perks and privileges enjoyed by them. This issue was raised time and again by the concerned quarter earlier also, but no one took its notice either the issue was not raised forcefully or it was registered vehemently. However, it is quite heartening to know that the decision has been taken unanimously by leaders cutting across party lines.
The whopping amount of Rs 17 crore so saved could be utilised for the welfare of people, particularly the marginalised section. The legislators should of their own violation give up other privileges which are burden on exchequer. This move will endear them to masses of the country.
Nikhil Manhas
The Parliamentarians deserve all appreciation for giving up canteen subsidies which they have been enjoying since long at the cost of tax payers money. At a time when poor people could not meet their basic needs like education, healthcare, our legislators would savour a sumptuous meal at a petty sum. This had really caused a heartburn among the countrymen, and wished that these lawmakers should not avail subsidised food. The move would not have come any other time when farmers in various States are committing suicides. The Rs 17 crore so saved could not be used for poverty alleviation programmes launched in the country. The Speaker of the House Om Birla should be lauded for initiating the move. How nice it would be if parlaimentarians cutting across party lines reach on a consensus on some national issues confronting the country at present. The political parties should desist playing politics on every issue as it is harming the interests of the country.
Amit Sharma