Can some Revenue Officers mislead the Government?

The actual governance is run with a blend of opinions, suggestions , expert advice followed by taking important decisions only to be implemented in totality. There is , however, no scope for any officer misleading the administration as that amounts to dereliction of duty in absolute terms . As many as eight months have proved less in effect to take much needed, stern and adequate action against the ‘influential’ encroachers of huge chunk of costly land in Humhama in Budgam district in Kashmir valley belonging to the State . The same is true of the State land encroached by ‘influential ‘ people . These influential people by their very acts have proved as thieves.
The reason for no stern action against the encroachers including demolishing buildings built on such thieved land is due to some officers of the Revenue Department wilfully and knowingly misleading the Governor’s administration . Committees have been set up to give reports but not even one recommendation of the committees has been taken seriously by those, who had under rules, to proceed against the culprits. Kahchari land which is public land, can neither be purchased nor traded in and any one in possession of such land by any means, cannot have any title of ownership and thus any structure erected over such land is liable to be bulldozed . The Government must identify such officers in the Revenue Department who have facilitated such thieving and must be punished . In the meantime the encroachment must be declared illegal and got evicted.