CAA protests

The ongoing agitation against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has crossed all limits. It is a universal fact that “Democracy is a recognition of dissent of opinion.” But when opinion crosses limits of decency, and restraint, it needs to be contained. The outrageous threats of the protesters and communalizing the issue can not be an act of the nationalists. Since the citizenship comes exclusively into the domain of Central list, the State Govts as such have no role. The CAA is not flawed in principle at any cost. Congress feels that they were not taken into confidence as AB Vajpayee’s citizenship bill was headed by Congressman Pranab Mukherjee and there was political consultation across Party lines. This plea can in no way legitimize their support to violent protesters.Enough is enough now. The irrational, unrealistic approach of the vested interests and antisocial elements is likely to endanger peace and communal harmony in the country. Govt needs to act before it further aggrevates the situation. Better to be wise before the event. The banned organizations, criminals and foreign forces are at work to exploit the situation. Soft attitude in this serious matter is bound to be counter productive.
P L Kaul