BSE, its clearing corp complete trading, operations from Disaster Recovery site for a week

New Delhi, Nov 18: Leading stock exchange BSE and its clearing corporation ICCL on Monday said they have successfully completed trading and all their related operations from Disaster Recovery (DR) site for entire one week, starting from November 11 for all its segments.
The recently implemented interoperability functions were conducted from DR for the first time. All the operations across all market segments were also performed from DR site without any hiccups, the BSE said in a statement.
A disaster recovery site is a real time replication of the primary site and ensures that all data is available at disaster recovery site with near zero time lag. This enables the BSE to switch over to disaster recovery site at any time during the day, in case of any eventualities.
“BSE and ICCL (Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd) successfully completed trading and all-related operations from its state-of-the-art DR site for entire one week, starting from November 11 to November 15, 2019 for all its segments,” the exchange added.
The exchange said the switchover to DR and coming back to PR (primary site) have also been a very seamless affair with no impact to any of its market participants including members, clearing banks and depositories.
The live trading from DR was to simulate a city-wide disaster, in which the main site would not be available. Since 2014 onwards, the BSE has conducted live trading on two consecutive days from its DR site, twice a year. (PTI)