Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles announces her pregnancy

NEW YORK, Mar 23: Tony-winning actor Ruthie Ann Miles has revealed that she and her husband, Jonathan Blumenstein, are expecting a baby.
The news comes two years after Miles and her four-year-old daughter Abigail were struck by a driver crossing a street in Brooklyn. Abigail was killed in the crash, while Miles lost her unborn child from complications two months later.
The 36-year-old actor shared the news in a short statement on social media.
“We’d like to announce our very happy news: We are expecting another child this spring. Thank you especially to the many of you who supported us in the aftermath of the crash, continually lifted us up in prayer, doused us with Love, encouraged us, let us be & grieve these two years….And now rejoice with us in this new life.
“We know Abigail Joy and Sophia would have loved being big sisters & are loving watching their family grow,” Miles posted.
The actor is best known for starring in Broadway production “The King and I”, for which she won a Tony award in 2015. (PTI)