Bring JKB under RTI

This refers to article ‘Time to implement RTI law in JK bank’ by Dr. Raja Muzaffar Bhat, DE June 12, 2019. RTI act is an international legislation which has been enacted by 90 percent of nations across the world. It is disheartening to know that JK Bank management has been opposing to implement this law in the bank inspite of the fact that Jammu and kashmir Government through SAC’s November 2018 order declared JK bank as a Public Authority.
The said order has not been implemented till date and Jammu and kashmir Government is equally responsible for it. A ray of hope is again seen after State Chief Secretary assured people of the State in his recent Press conference to ensure implementation of RTI Act in JK Bank. I appeal interim Chairman of JK bank Mr. RK Chibber to be proactive in ensuring adoption of the transparency law (RTI) so that people have full faith in the functioning of this bank that will lead to more transparency and openness in this financial institution.
Rayees Wathori
Hanjigund Chadoora,
District Budgam