Bridge on Shadole Nallah

People of more than 18 villages of Gulabgarh block of tehsil Mahore in Reasi district numbering over forty thousand are facing difficulties on account of the absence of a bridge on Shadole nallah. It is interesting to note but a cause of concern too, as to how things like public utility and elementary convenience were ignored by the State Administration that even in a decade, this bridge could not come up.
The ‘story’ of this bridge goes like sanctioned in the year 2008 at a cost of Rs.1 crore and nowhere to be ‘seen’ not to talk of ‘walking over to cross ‘ in the year 2019. Why should the people risk in driving their vehicles and walk through this nallah and the authorities cannot look into it, is looking strange though not unusual, in most of the cases in this State, which we keep on highlighting from time to time. Funds from Prime Minister’s Gram Sadak Yojna are not only assured but increased allocation under this head is made to the states . In other words, it means that the problem of funds for this bridge is nowhere existing and only the indifference of the Government is, in this priority oriented scheme of road connectivity. We urge the authorities to look into the matter urgently.