‘Black sheep of the family’

Still a very mild sobriquet ”Black sheep” given by the Russian President Vladimir Putin to those countries who support and sponsor terrorism as the aim and objective of the malaise is to spill innocents’ blood, snatch personal liberty and way of life , generate cycles of violence , create fear and insecurity and cause retardation of economic growth . If there is immediate threat to the civilized world , it is from terrorism based on hate and zealotry. There has been an undercurrent among many countries of a dire need for convening a special session by the UN Security Council where how to deal with the growing threat of terrorism to the countries and how to evolve a common strategy in unison by all the countries not only those who were hit hardest by the scourge, had to be evolved. It is , however, heartening that if not the UNSC , but five nations comprising BRICS -Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – adopted a new counter terrorism strategy to deal effectively with the threat of terrorism which is on the threshold of disturbing world peace and progress. Again, it is a matter of great satisfaction that even apparently not affected directly by the menace of terrorism, Russia openly and distinctly lent its support to the move terming those nations as ”Black sheep of the (world) family” who supported and sponsored terrorism. Currently, Russia is the country Chairing BRICS , the block representing nearly 4 billion people or half the population of the world hence cannot be underestimated but recognised as an influential block.
Indian stand has been apparent , clear, consistent and unambiguous in that being the only leading and the first country in the world to voice serious concern over the fast spreading of cancer of terrorism and had the international community diagnosed the nature of imminent threat to world community and responded positively and effectively in time , lot of bloodshed and mayhem across the globe could have been prevented. Vouching for peace and co-operation across the comity of nations where violence of any type had no scope or space , this country, even now, rather with more assertive voice, is stressing upon the need to tackle with the curse with one resolve by all countries. In pursuance of that policy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while virtually addressing the summit told that terrorism was the biggest problem the world was facing and had to be dealt with in an organised manner. Not only that, the Indian Prime Minister is always vocal in putting forth the narrative of the dire need to bring in the requisite reform in the United Nations Security Council as well as various key global bodies. He proceeded a bit further in advocating virtual holding of those countries guilty and penalising them too who explicitly or implicitly supported terrorism or remained non committal . May be such a stance was taken by such countries for narrow political or mere economic gains or were least affected by the pest of the terrorism or even had crushed and bulldozed any signs thereof in its infancy of such a looming threat but such an approach would stand nowhere before the global will and resolve to fight the trouble out. Since the Chairmanship of the BRICS is with Russia which took a bold stand in finalising the counter terrorism strategy, India has every reason to feel its stand vindicated. Therefore, India must strive for taking the issue to more logical ends from various international platforms, the support from other countries would definitely mount.
Putting the threat of COVID -19 pandemic and terrorism on the same pedestal, President Putin made it clear very rightly that” world should not show any complacency in dealing with challenges like terrorism and the COVID-19 pandemic”. While India got the support of Russia in evolving a strategy to fight the menace , even if the name of Pakistan was not mentioned but the reference was well taken as referring to the epicentre of terrorism -Pakistan .The declaration by the block reiterated ”our strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, whenever, wherever and by whomsoever committed”. Those who were ”Black sheep” needed to take a call to bid farewell to terrorism, sooner the better.