BJP-PDP misrule responsible for present situation: Bhalla

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, July 7: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today alleged that BJP-PDP misrule is responsible for present situation in the J&K state.
While interacting with the people of Gandhinagar constituency here today, Bhalla said that this  unholly alliance only promoted communal and regional divide. Today’s situation is the outcome of the misrule and poor governance in the State. They have proved as worst failure and are trying again to forge alliance once again by befooling people.
Bhalla said during the three years that the alliance has been in power, leaders from both parties have complained that decisions and statements of the leadership of both parties have adverse consequences for their vastly different constituencies in Jammu and the Kashmir valley. Leaders of the BJP, too, have complained of PDP ministers in the State Government taking decisions unilaterally on ‘sensitive issues’ which could prove ‘disastrous for the BJP in the Jammu region’. The two regions of the state, Jammu and Kashmir, have seen deep-rooted divisions due to historical factors. The alliance between the PDP and the BJP has aggravated the divisions. Bhalla said, due to their coming together, both the BJP and the PDP have been under tremendous pressure to prove to their respective constituencies that they haven’t given up on their agenda.
Bhalla regretted that in all this, common man was ignored in the state, and  alleged PDP-BJP dispensation totally lost its credibility due to its mis-governance, which led to the failure of Government on all the fronts. He said problems like lack of basic amenities, unemployment and inflation in the state forced the common man to live in miserable conditions. He observed that this regime antagonized all sections of people whether it is the youth, Government employees, women or even children, this government hurt every section of the society.
Making a sketching attack on BJP, Bhalla regretted that people of the Jammu region were back stabbed by BJP leadership as the party brazenly abandoned its core agenda and adopted indifferent approach towards problems of the masses. He particularly mentioned the water crisis in the area following which general public of the area was going through extreme hardships to manage water for household affairs be it drinking water, water for cooking and bathing.