BJP-led Govt accords top priority to issues pertaining to NRIs: BJP leader

CHICAGO, Sept 9: The BJP-led Government has accorded top priority to issues pertaining to the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), who are making immense contribution in the development of the country, a senior BJP leader has said.
“There is a distinct change in approach of this government. We have accorded top priority to issues pertaining to NRIs and the Indian diaspora and we believe the diaspora has immense strength. They remit more than USD 70 billion annually,” BJP spokesperson Aman Sinha said.
The strong Indian diaspora of more than three crore across the globe, are ambassadors of India, Sinha said, adding that the government is doing all that it can to empower them and to make them feel that this is their own government, which cares for them.
“Diaspora and overseas Indian citizens play an important role in developing a perception about India, Indians and the government of India,” he said.
Sinha, who is here to attend the World Hindu Congress, said that with the passage of Representation of People Amendment Act in August overseas Indian citizens would be entitled to vote through the proxy voters who they would nominate.
“We appeal to all the Indian citizens who are settled abroad to avail the new legislative changes which have been shared and exercise their right to vote and participate in the Indian democratic processes. It is restricted to Indian citizens and not for those who have attained nationality of other countries,” Sinha said.
“The Diaspora living here are very passionate about the country and they feel that the country has immense potential which was not utilized in past 60 years or so. In the past four years they can see that there is a drastic change,” he said.
“The transformational changes which have been ushered in by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they have appreciated that and embraced that with open arms…India today is recognised as a global superpower,” he said.
Responding to a question, Sinha slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his recent remarks comparing the RSS with the Muslim Brotherhood.
“It was shocking and unfortunate that Rahul Gandhi compared RSS to Muslim Brotherhood. That only exposes his lack of knowledge, and proper reading besides his pathological hatred for RSS,” he said.
“The fact of the matter is that core ideology of nationalism. Muslim Brotherhood does not even believe in the concept of nation states. They want to usher an era of Sharia rule and Islamic State. Therefore, there is no case of any comparison at all,” Sinha said.
“Rahul Gandhi by his such malicious and inexplicably acts is rapidly losing whatever little credibility that he was left with,” Sinha added. (PTI)