BJP distributing money in Amethi: Priyanka

AMETHI, May 4: The poll campaign has yet again heated up, here, in the Congress bastion as the party general secretary (Uttar Pradesh East) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday accused Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) of distributing money to the village Pradhans of this constituency.
“BJP don’t know that the people of Amethi have self respect and they won’t disturb the decade old love and affection with our family with just Rs 20,000 given to the Pradhans in the constituency” she alleged.
Addressing couple of street corner meetings on the last day of campaigning Ms Priyanka alleged that while Congress was distributing pamphlets of appeal to the voters, BJP was giving cash money to the voters on the other hand.
“It is surprising that BJP thinks that the Pradhans of Amethi will sell themselves for Rs 20,000 and they can buy their love and affection for the Nehru-Gandhi family, “ she said.
Attacking Smriti Irani for making false allegations on Rahul Gandhi on his absence from Amethi, she said Smriti was just doing drama.
“Smriti had come here for just 16 times in the last five years and that too for just couple of hours along with media to get publicity. But on the other hand Rahul came several times and went to meet the farmers on their door step,” she said.
Priyanka said that the country needs a government which can continue the democracy which works for the people . “ BJP’s intention is not good as they have only benefited some selected industrialists in their regime while the poor and common people have been ignored,” she said while adding that BJP did not waived off farmers loan but secretly waived loan worth Rs 5.50 crore of industrialists. Priyanka, who is campaigning in Amethi and Rae Bareli for the past 3 days, claimed that only Congress can serve the people and end their problems. “A separate budget for farmers and NYAY will provide the poor Rs 72,000 per year”, she asserted.
“Rahul Gandhi had already promised 22 lakh jobs every year if Congress comes to power “ she said. (PTI)