BJP, Congress and KPs

Refer the article BJP, Congress & the Kashmiri Pandits, DE 27.12.17., which was instantaneously successful in stirring or disordering the dormant lying emotions  of the KP community. These emotions,as the writer has correctly put it, remain purely nationalistic in structure further etched in our collective consciousness, however, the same need to be respected if not adored at various levels by one and all and most importantly the ruling party.
It will be a misjudgement if any one thinks that we as a community have the habit of being in an adulation mode or excessive reverence for any political figure or party nor we were at any point of time, and further cannot be persuaded with flattery or gentle urging especially in the face of  reluctance. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “True patriotism is better than the wrong kind of piety”, we no doubt owe our allegiance, to our country but need to proliferate our domain of introspection that how can any political party (read ruling one)  take us lightly.
To any one’s perception, do we remain obedient and nationalistic but miniscule purely in mathematical estimation and value to the votes generated or we ourselves have forgoton our own intrinsic value.
The conscience keepers of this nation have to think and more than that, we as a community need to re think.
Yours etc…
Susheel Tikoo
AL Khuwair
Muscat – Oman


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