BJP boycotts DDC election, defeats democracy: Rana

NC Provincial President Devender Singh Rana addressing press conference on Saturday.
NC Provincial President Devender Singh Rana addressing press conference on Saturday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Feb 13: National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana today assailed the BJP for boycotting the election process to District Development Councils in Kishtwar, Ramban and Rajouri, saying the obstructive politics is not only affront to electors, who participated in the democratic process braving odds. but also an unpardonable assault on the sustenance and evolution of democracy.

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“The BJP must come clear on its intent and motivation behind the boycott, as it has raised many questions in the public mind”, Rana said while addressing a press conference at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan here this evening.
Flanked by senior leaders Ajay Kumar Sadhotra and Surjeet Singh Slathia, among others, Rana questioned the rationale behind postponing the election process despite presence of nine Councillors in Kishtwar and Rajouri, which formed the quorum, as per election commission rules. He said two third majority accounts for 9.30 members which being loss then 9.5 has to be counted as 9.
He said the issue was taken up with the State Election Commissioner, K K Sharma around noon today, with a plea that the Division Bench of Jammu and Kashmir High Court had also upheld the judgement of the Single Bench in Puvrshotam Singh versus Public Service Commission case in 2004 with regard to quorum on similar lines.
“We pleaded with the State Election Commissioner asking the rationale behind deferring the election process in Rajouri and Kishtwar where nine Councillors each were present.
The Provincial President regretted torpedoing the popular mandate not only by obstructing the process but also by browbeating and intimidating the elected representatives. A deplorable trend has been put in place by harassing the elected candidates and their families. He said this has serious ramifications for governance, with the neutrality and credibility of the administration becoming a casualty.
He recalled the assurance held out to the National Conference delegation recently about impartiality of the administration in the conduct of polls for Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons, hoping this will be adhered to in letter and spirit. He said administrative non-interference should not only be ensured but should also appear so in its totality.
He said everybody knows that the decision of the electors of Kishtwar, Ramban and Rajouri is in favour of the National Conference and the obstructive methods were further exposing the BJP and its sinister undemocratic motives. He said the people’s mandate is final and any attempt to trample it will adversely affect the interests of the people of the state. This does not augur well for democracy as well, especially in this sensitive part of the country. Any such move is undemocratic and thus unacceptable, he added.
When his attention was drawn to the State BJP President affixing ranks on the shoulders of the promoted police personnel, Mr Rana described such immature moves as unfortunate. He deplored such tendencies and said such acts amounted to belittling the institution of the police. He hailed the Jammu and Kashmir Police as one of the finest professional force in the country, saying this image is needed to be sustained and preserved at all costs.
On Jammu Declaration, he said the concept and proposal emanating from the pluralistic Jammu Division is gaining momentum and wider acceptance. He exuded confidence about the concept forging harmony between various regions and religions.