Birpur industries suffering due to poor power supply

Members of Birpur Industries Association raising slogans for uninterrupted power supply to their units.
Members of Birpur Industries Association raising slogans for uninterrupted power supply to their units.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, July 27: An emergency meeting of the office bearers of Birpur Small Scale Industries Association was held here today at BSSIA office at Birpur Complex under the chairmanship of President Deepak Dhawan for discussing the serious issues arising due to the failure of PDD in the complex.
Birpur Industrial Complex is a small but important industrial estate among the other industrial estates of J&K. It houses micro and small units which run their operation for not more than 12 hours or a single shift. All the units are paying their PDD bill on time and hence there are no transmission losses from the complex.
“However, despite all this, PDD is not been able to provide at least a single shift of uninterrupted power supply to these industries. There are more than 10-12 trippings of electricity during the shift due to which the small units are facing huge losses in this present situation when it is almost difficult for these units even to survive due to this pandemic,” said the Association members.
In addition to these trippings, they added, another scheduled power cut also has been imposed for two hours in the evening. “Also, all the industrial estates have been provided with a dedicated industrial feeder, but as far as our complex is concerned, in spite of approaching to the department numerous times, it is still running on the rural feeder. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pressing upon “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Make in India”, with this kind of approach by the PDD, it is impossible to achieve these missions,” they said.
The Association members appealed to the Lt Governor G C Murmu to directly intervene into the situation and take up the issue of micro and small units of the complex with the PDD at the earliest as it could otherwise result in the complete closure of units gradually.
The meeting was attended by Ankur Jain (Sr Vice President), Jatin Sachdeva (Vice President), Gagan Jain (Gen Secy), Sharad Malhotra (Treasurer), Romesh Badial, S C Dutta, Ajay Gupta, Anil Gupta, Sagun Mahajan and Tarun Gupta.


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