Birpur industries and power supply

“Use and pay or consume and pay” is the guiding principle in commercial world and Power Development Department (PDD) cannot be an exception in that when those who pay for what they consume , at least, should not suffer on account of erratic , poor , disruptive and low voltage power supply. Mincing no words, this year’s overall performance of the PDD is quite below the average in comparison to the last year. People are vastly suffering.
Birpur Small Scale Industries Association is lamenting that while their payment of electric bills is up to date with no arrears, why should their units suffer on account of power supply . Their production and output is getting affected and as such their sales and proceeds thereof too. They even term the services of the PDD in their complex at Birpur as “failure” even though no transmission losses are caused from the said complex. Due to 10 to 12 tripping on an average during the shift of 12 hours of the individual units , the entrepreneurs allege, is causing them losses in a situation where even survival of the units is in jeopardy due to pandemic situation. While the Association has urged for the intervention of the Lt. Governor, we feel the issue needs an early resolution.