Biometric attendance

The recent biometric attendence order issued by the Administrative Department on the direction of Lt Governor of the UT has been welcomed by and large by the people living in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. This exercise by the Govt exhibits the sincere and honest designs of the present dispensation that heads the UT of Jammu and Kashmir towards the welfare of the people. Who can deny the fact that unauthorised absenteeism in the offices has created lot of trouble for the people who stand by exigency in the matter of meeting their end.
People in general do find disappointment while pursuing their cases/files which stand unattended for month together. There is no accountability nor so called transparency in the execution of public grievance. At several occasions proxy goes unnoticed that adds fuel to the fire. It breads corruption and nepotism. Since the biometric system stands now in operation it will certainly help the people in solving their day to day problems as punctuality and regularity will be better in the work culture . The attendance in the offices will increase and work load will be lessened. Health and clean set up will emerge under this renewed focus of the present Govt.
S N Raina