Bee keeper of Samba


Doing something ‘special’ and above the average by employing grit, industry and new methods is surely going to get due attention and recognition even by mentioning by name and sharing with the countrymen the particular ”something different” of the concerned person by no less than the Prime Minister of the country. Besides earning handsomely , such performance not only encourages the performer but becomes a source of inspiration for others. Problems are there at every turn and moment of one’s life and taking plea of and refuge under that and keeping on lamenting alone was tantamount to the adage of ‘a bad workman quarrels with his tools’. Palli village in Samba district in Jammu was visited by the PM in April this year on an event concerning Panchayati Raj following which the entire village was provided with solar energy. Vinod Kumar of this very Palli village is bee keeping in as many as in 1500 colonies in this village. Earning between Rs.15 to Rs.20 lakh annually, Vinod Kumar has set an example of how innovative spirit, had work and to doing something ”extraordinary” could enviably succeed with sweet returns. His example of doing this “something special” earned him a mention by the PM in last month’s ”Mann Ki Baat ” episode. Why shouldn’t Vinod Kumar feel extremely jubilant over his feat in beekeeping and setting an example for others ? Our honey sweet best wishes to Vinod Kumar and a wish to have more of such feats mentioned similarly in respect of more farmers and entrepreneurs from Jammu and Kashmir, by the Prime Minister in subsequent episodes of the monthly programme of ‘Mann Ki Baat