“Beauty begins from good health”

Sakshi Vishwesh is not just a name , she is an inspiration to thousands of women today, who aspire to make their mark especially after getting married and becoming a mother. The fact that she won the title of Mrs. India 2015 Queen of substance (2nd RU), and the title of Mrs. Beautiful Skin, set a new benchmark for many women. In a very short span of time , she was recognised for her achievements and is the proud awardee of the EMERGING ENTREPRENEUR 2019 by Pragnel and the Women’s Achievements Awards 2015 by Wess.
She has been an epitome of beauty and grace and a mother and wife at the same time. She has even pursued an expertise in the Beauty world as she was awarded a ‘Makeup Excellence Award’ by the renowned celebrity makeup artist AshmeenMujaal.
Living in London now for the past few years, Sakshi has earned a very good reputation in London’s Beauty industry. She has organised some successful beauty events in past. She has been featured on the cover page of Beauty magazines with her interviews and has numerous newspaper coverages to her credit. She has featured on BBC (Hindi news), ZEE TV UK’s show Zee Companion and was honoured with an award by UKTA.
Sakshi has always worked hard to bring together women and to support their small businesses. Sakshi’s vision has inspired her to organise this great platform for married /unmarried women and men to fulfill their dreams and most importantly to empower women from all over the world. She has also worked very hard in bringing the Asian community together by organising events and community work to empower the diverse communities ! In a free-wheeling chat with Daily Excelsior she puts forth her view point on a range of subjects. Excerpts :
How do you see empowerment of women?
We as modern age women have to value our dreams and aspirations and work hard towards fulfilling them.
We should not overlook what we aspire… Infact be determined towards its fulfillment… And when we are determined things starts falling in place.. We should set an example for other women and be an encouragement for them. I always try and involve women in my projects and move together towards a successful future.
What are the challenges faced by the beauty industry today ?
The challenges faced by the beauty industry today is the huge Competitions in the market. Obviously, the market would not be an even score, you have competitions from Beauty Giants and many upcoming beauty companies. Many have proved themselves and many are Just trying to advertise. My vision is clear I know how to deliver quality and class in this market. It takes immense amount of calibre and labour to prove and stay at the position. BritAsian Beauty Pageants is one of the most prestigious beauty pageants right now in the United Kingdom.We are associated with Zeetv UK and Asian Star Radio along with Beauty and the Best Magazine.
Isn’t it quite difficult to juxtapose two fields home and office ? How do you manage it?
Where there is a will there is a way! Its all in your mind..still I preach, what I follow. Beauty begins from good health, I try and keep a healthy lifestyle which energises me and helps me working hard without getting tired.My husband also helps me keeping my two fronts in top positions- my home n my work. It would have been difficult without my family’s support. Keeping my self positive also helps me deal with all kinds of situations.
What is your advice to budding entrepreneurs?
My only advice to them is to stay focused… Keep working hard.. Stay determined ….And a key Mantra for an Entrepreneur is to keep rewarding yourself from the success you keep getting… this way you will be encouraged to work more hard and stay focussed on your dreams.
What is the secret of achieving success in a short span of time ?
I won’t say you can achieve success in a short span, it took me two years of hard work to build my dream BritAsian Beauty Pageant.Being a Pageant winner myself added more power to my work. I would like to thank God, my hubby, parents and my sisters too for standing beside me on every step to help me achieve success .The secret to success is honesty, dedication and hard work.. I do what I follow myself that has helped me a lot coming a long way.. Because I am myself am the proof of my hardwork and that’s the bullseye!
What does success mean to you ?
Success to me means.. Contention.. If Im satisfied n at peace at my achievements that is success to me…
I don’t run a rat race… I do my work with all my heart… and if im pleased and my clients pleased and satisfied … Thats success to me
How is it to work far from home ?
Thats a big challenge… To establish yourself so far away from home.. Trying to cater to the requirements of altogether different level of people with different expectations…
But hard work honesty in your work and blessings help you achieve all.
What type of qualities are essential in an entrepreneur ?
Like I had mentioned earlier.. The qualities of an entrepreneur which are important are of.. Efforts he or she lays in making her projects a success.. The main quality is of delivering same quality you expect for your ownself… No compromise… Honest hard work with full contention.