Be vocal for local

According to PM Modi, many global banks have become local and the local manufactures global. Be vocal for local is a sequel and Indian equivalent for US president Trumps ‘ America First.’
It is a universal truth that the nations which do not take a lesson from history either perish or have to pay a heavy price afterwards. India is the country which has been gifted with large deposits of metals, minerals from iron to gold, uranium to platinum. Besides, the bountiful nature has rewarded India with enormous natural wealth in the shape of forests, flora and fauna, long rivers, which, if utilized judiciously and properly, can steer the nation towards self-sufficiency and help elevate the economic standard of the poor.
Indian major and small scale industries have been catering to the needs of both its citizen and other neighboring countries. The traditional vocations like carpentry, Iron foundry forgery, making agriculture implements, Woollen blankets and tweeds, bamboo products, utensil making, shawls, embroidery, which satisfied the local needs have not only vanished from India but the youth from these families have divorced the vocation forever. Disappointed over the dependence of the country on the foreign goods, from cell phone to the warplanes, our visionary, far-sighted and perceptive Prime Minister gave slogan like Make In India, Startup India and now Be Vocal for Local in order to inculcate the feeling of self-reliance by reducing the dependence on foreign goods.
Shiv Kumar Padha