Battle of narratives

Reference “Battle of narratives and politics of History” Daily Excelsior October 13,2022.
May I add to the knowledge of the writer that during the very first encounter with the invaders at Garhi on 23rd October 1947, Capt. Prithi Singh, when wounded, was sent back to Srinagar, whereas Subedar DuniChand ( not Duni Ram) his second in command ( still an unsung hero) with his own men and those retreated from the leading contingent under Capt. Prithi Singh ( hardly 30 to 35 all belonging to 1st J&K Infantry now 1st JAK Rifles) sacrificed their lives to hold the enemy’s further advance on that fateful day. This enabled Brig. Rajinder Singh properly plan to resist enemy at different places for the next three days or so.
Narsingh Dev Jamwal